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Building Bridges: Scheuch Gets a Makeover

TLU’s Schuech Fine Arts Center is about to get a makeover—or at least the south wall facing Langner Hall on the west side of campus is. That’s because local artist/muralist Danielle Villareal, in collaboration with TLU art students and the Center for Mexican American Studies, will be using her paintbrush to bring color and life to the building. The resulting mural will serve as a visual metaphor depicting the cultural bridge between TLU and the city of Seguin. The design will constitute the first permanent art installation in the university’s history representing the TLU Mexican American community, which currently makes up just under half the student body.

“We’re excited to add a visual representation that underscores the importance of the connections between TLU and Seguin, celebrating our shared history, diversity, and partnership,” says TLU President Dr. Debbie Cottrell. “I know that this mural will provide yet another way that our Hispanic Serving Institution status is brought to life on our campus.”

Seguin Mayor Donna Dodgen is excited too. “What an incredible depiction and opportunity for our community! Texas Lutheran University has always been an integral part of the Seguin community and this mural will serve as an important visual historical representation and remind us that we are all a part of this community, our home, Seguin.”

The unveiling ceremony, which will take place in the Langner Hall parking lot on April 26 at 10 a.m., will be a celebration of both art and the students’ achievement. The community is invited to attend and enjoy music, drinks, and snacks. If unable to make it, be sure to stop by and see the mural anytime.