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Academic Advising & Support

Academic Advising

Faculty are central to to academic advising at TLU. All tenure-track faculty with one year of service assume academic advising responsibilities.

The faculty role in the advising system is supplemented and supported by the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Students within the Division of Student Life. The TLU academic advising system has as its guiding principle the belief that academic advising is a natural component and extension of faculty teaching and, as such, is integral to student learning.

The purpose of the academic advising program is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational goals that are consistent with personal interests, values and abilities. Although many individuals on campus, including academic advisors, may assist the student in making decisions and accomplishing goals, the academic advisor is granted formal authority by the university to approve the student's academic program of study and assist the student in progressing toward the appropriate degree.

Advising and registration for the spring will occur in the middle of the fall semester. Advising and registration for the fall and summer sessions will occur approximately a month before the end of the spring semester. There are always opportunities for students to participate in late registration periods or register during the first week of classes if they miss scheduled registration.

New Student Registration Form

The New Student Registration Form is used to capture your academic interests, strengths, and specific course requests. Alongside other admissions documents, the New Student Registration Form is used by a team of TLU faculty and staff to build a first semester class schedule tailored to your major and interests. Our goal is to build a schedule that sets all students up for success

Paw Print & Pathway Guides

Paw Print: The Paw Print module is required for all incoming students enrolled in the Exploring the Arts & Sciences (FREX 134) course. This module will focus on first-year students’ understanding of why they have decided to get a higher education degree, what they want to do with it to better their life and community, and how they are going to get it done (graduate). Students will discuss the concepts of liberal arts and vocation, will be introduced to Compass (TLU’s General Education Curriculum), and complete a comprehensive education plan for their upcoming college years.

Pathway Guides: Pathway Guides are student leaders cross trained in academic advising and career development and are responsible for supporting students in academic and career exploration regarding personal academic interests, strengths and majors; providing resources for academic and career planning; and serving as a resource for degree planning and course selection prior to registration periods. While Pathway Guide support first-year students through facilitating the Paw Print Reflective module, Pathway Guides are tasked with supporting the entire student body with any academic or career planning needs.

Bulldog Road Map To Graduation

Navigating college can be challenging, especially when you're trying to make sure you've completed specific requirements, earned enough course credit, or attended certain events. TLU's Bulldog Road Map To Graduation visually breaks down what students should be doing year-by-year in an easy-to-read format designed to help them stay on track from freshmen to senior year. Downloadable PDFs are available, and printed copies are available in the Student Activities and Campus Programs Office or in your dorm.

On-Campus Academic Support

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