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Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Our strategic plan provides a comprehensive outline to lead the university forward - serving as a blueprint for our future, supporting our mission, vision, and values, and ensuring the success of our students.

The plan details processes, goals, and objectives we will address as we adapt and respond constructively to changing environments.

TLU Strategic Plan

As a community of faith and learning, Texas Lutheran University empowers a diverse student body through an education centered on the liberal arts and professional programs. In pursuit of a more just world, TLU is committed to academic excellence, servant leadership, and career development.

This mission is built on the core values of education, community, and faith, each linked directly to how we serve our students.

Education: In service to our students, we are committed to offering access and opportunity to pursue intellectual growth in an environment that fosters open dialogue and the freedom to share and discover diverse thoughts and ideas.

Community: In service to our students, we are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment that emphasizes the respect of all of its members. Through our leadership and service, we seek to support justice and promote the common good.

Faith: In service to our students we are committed to operating at the intersection of faith and learning, which invites exploration and discovery through spiritual and educational growth, creating bold leaders who pursue lives of purpose and meaning.

Our mission and values lead us to a vision for the future. Through innovative liberal arts and professional programs, Texas Lutheran University will engage the aspirations of our students in an inclusive, challenging, faith-based community. The impact of a TLU education will create bold and adaptable leaders who transform society.

Anticipating the next five years at TLU requires us to acknowledge the unique nature of the spring of 2020 and its impact on our future. Within this context, we believe that a specific plan for the year 2020-21 will allow us to focus on the best ways to demonstrate strength and adaptability, while building a bridge for our future. We have five goals that anchor our five-year strategic plan. These goals will allow us to connect, learn, expand, and grow across the years of this plan. We offer here the specific work to be done in 2020-21 to initiate this plan while recognizing the unique time in which it is beginning. In approaching our new strategic plan this way, we acknowledge that the year 2020-21 will also be a time to develop the next four years of this plan.

Goal 1: Strengthen and expand the student experience.

  • Reopen our campus in August 2020 with particular attention to safety and health needs created by the pandemic of spring 2020, following the details and protocols outlined on
  • Focus on retention and graduation rates of all students, especially those at higher risk of not persisting.
  • Continue fundraising for Student Athletic Center to improve conditioning area for athletes and provide dedicated fitness space for all other students.

Goal 2: Diversify and strengthen academic programs.

  • Determine necessary technological investments needed for next five years, including initial work and discussions regarding a more robust learning management system.
  • Implement Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program in New Braunfels and pursue addition of Direct Entry Master of Science in Nursing (DEMSN) with external partner.
  • Complete initial plan and fundraising feasibility study for renovation and expansion of Moody Science Building.
  • Begin systematic review of academic programs to align resource allocation with enrollment and growth potential while remaining centered on the liberal arts and professional programs consistent with the mission of the university.

Goal 3: Embrace and celebrate a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Goal 4: Establish a predictable business model that provides financial stability.

  • Create comprehensive budget modeling process that utilizes input from the President’s Cabinet and faculty and staff leadership to create a balanced budget.
  • Establish net tuition revenue and enrollment growth goals for the next four years.
  • Create task force on revenue growth to recommend priorities for additional revenue enhancement.
  • Implement priorities and goals for a robust grant program that enhances our financial foundation and provides new opportunities for faculty and staff.

Goal 5: Create strong partnerships and collaborations.

  • Expand partnerships with Guadalupe Regional Medical Center, the Seguin Police Department, and Guadalupe Valley Family Violence Shelter for improved campus health and safety.
  • Enhance work with local entities including Chambers of Commerce, Seguin Economic Development Corporation, and other businesses, organizations, and industries to increase partnerships and programs that benefit TLU and the local community.
  • Strengthen church relations efforts, utilizing the leadership of Campus Ministries in this work. Strengthen collaboration between Campus Ministries, Center for Servant Leadership, theological studies, and TLU’s student interfaith group to advance faith initiatives and spiritual development on our campus.