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Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Our Strategic Plan, TLU 2025, is a comprehensive outline to lead the university forward, serving as a blueprint for our future and defining our shared goals.

With our rich and long-standing history of educating local, regional, and state-wide communities, TLU 2025 pushes the boundary on how we innovate and transform our campus over the next several years. Envisioning TLU 2025 requires us to acknowledge the unprecedented world created by the global pandemic and its impact on our future. Within this context, we intentionally began our planning in early 2020 with only the first year outlined, allowing us to focus on the best ways to demonstrate strength and adaptability, while building a bridge for our future. Since then, we have updated and added initiatives for the next four years, with an emphasis on bold leadership and planning designed to transform our institution by 2025. Our five goals remain the same and serve as the foundation of TLU 2025 as we continue to connect, learn, expand, and grow across the years of this plan.

Download a PDF of the Strategic Plan

TLU 2025

The structure of the plan allows us to focus our energies on significant goals in five areas that are critical to TLU's future:

GOAL 1: Strengthen and Expand the Student Experience

1.a: Establish and meet goals for student retention and graduation rates, being attentive to those especially at higher risk of leaving, including our large population of first-generation students.

1.b: Develop a comprehensive approach to career services that links post-graduate opportunities to our curriculum and our alumni, and focuses on lifetime services for TLU students.

1.c: Establish comprehensive health and wellness support in student health services that addresses physical and mental health.

1.d: Continue fundraising for Student Athletic Center to improve conditioning area for athletes and provide dedicated fitness space for all other students.

1.e: Add one women’s sport within the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference to enhance student experience, equity, and revenue.

1.f: Complete needed upgrades related to campus services and amenities, including appropriate investments in residence halls to enhance and improve conditions in these living spaces.

1.g: Create a Parent Advisory Council that supports academic excellence by assisting students and their parents in understanding the TLU community.

GOAL 2: Diversify and Strengthen Academic Programs

2.a: Identify and make necessary technological investments needed for the next four years, with particular attention to ubiquitous wireless and cyber security.

2.b: Expand the Direct Entry Master of Science in Nursing (DEMSN) program from New Braunfels to additional locations.

2.c: Create and continue the implementation of a systematic and data-driven review of academic programs to determine appropriate adjustments and development of new programs, resulting in a strong academic portfolio that informs marketing and other resource decisions.

2.d: Ensure that the Blumberg Memorial Library functions as a vibrant digital library and learning commons to enhance connection, engagement, and accessibility.

GOAL 3: Embrace and Celebrate a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    3.a: Develop faculty and staff hiring and mentoring practices to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    3.b: Develop a centralized compliance and complaint process for all diversity, equity, and inclusion issues.

    3.c: Prioritize equity and improvements in compensation and benefits for all employees.

    3.d: Develop programs that are attentive to the social and economic mobility of our students.

    3.e: Develop a Faculty Fellows Program that fosters academic connections and leadership to institutional DEI priorities.

    GOAL 4: Establish a Predictable Business Model that Provides Financial Stability

    4.a: Establish and meet net tuition revenue and enrollment growth goals for the next four years.

    4.b: Implement recommendations of Revenue Growth Task Force by investing in new programs and services with appropriate marketing resources to create revenue generation.

    4.c: Launch a comprehensive campaign that heightens giving across all areas and moves the STEM facility project through pre-campaign work toward completion.

    4.d: Maintain a robust grant program that supports organizational funding priorities each year to enhance our financial foundation and provide new opportunities for faculty and staff.

    4.e: Continue to expand understanding of TLU’s budget picture with all faculty and staff, utilizing the Budget Advisory Committee, Benefits and Retirement Advisory Committee, Faculty Association, and TLU Staff Association as part of this effort.

    4.f: Create an Institutional Research and Effectiveness structure that provides robust data analysis for strategic financial, academic, and other priority decisions.

    GOAL 5: Create Strong Partnerships and Collaborations

    5.a: Enhance work with local entities including Guadalupe Regional Medical Center, Chamber of Commerce, Seguin Economic Development Corporation and other local businesses, educational institutions, advocacy groups, and industries to increase partnerships and programs that benefit TLU and the local community.

    5.b: Expand Business Partners Program through more collaboration with the Seguin and surrounding communities to create academic learning opportunities, internships, and funding opportunities.

    5.c: Establish leadership of new campus pastor to strengthen church relations efforts and advance faith initiatives and spiritual development in collaboration with Campus Ministries, Center for Servant Leadership, theological studies, and TLU’s student interfaith group.