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Why a Lutheran College? Texas Lutheran University serves the church and the world by sending out students who are not only well educated, but also who are more likely to give of themselves for their churches and communities.

Texas Lutheran University, a ministry of the congregations of the Southwestern Texas, Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast and Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, is a community of learning and a community of faith.

Why a Lutheran College? 

It makes a difference where you go to college!

The Comparative Alumni Research, conducted on behalf of the Lutheran Educational Conference in North America, which tracked changes between 1970-1989 grads and 1990-2000 grads, demonstrates how Lutheran Colleges continue to make an increasing difference in the lives of students, more so than flagship public institutions.

Lutheran college alumni are more likely than public flagship alumni to report having faith and morality discussions integrated into their education. In addition, they are more likely to have been involved in church-related activities. This involvement seems to have translated into their current lives.

Now more than ever, Lutheran colleges offer more opportunities for leadership, mentoring, teamwork, and volunteerism.

Lutheran college alumni report a growing involvement with faculty in and out of the classroom. In addition, Lutheran college alumni are more likely than their public flagship counterparts to report that they benefited from quality, teaching-oriented faculty. The survey also showed that, compared to alumni of large public universities, alumni of Lutheran colleges and universities are more likely to be:

  • Involved with church or religious organizations
  • Financially supportive of their churches
  • Involved in the leadership of their churches
  • Involved with foundations or nonprofit organizations
  • Involved with elementary or secondary schools

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About TLU Church Relations


We provide our students with a high quality education in a community of faith, and we welcome people of all faiths to be part of our community as we explore life in the wondrous light of God’s grace.

Texas Lutheran University finds the Lutheran tradition of strong support for the liberal arts and a true fit within its mission, and the basis by which Martin Luther established the church. Because of our Lutheran heritage, founded by German and Scandinavian immigrants, and our relationship with the ELCA, we approach education by exploring vocation. We believe the purpose of higher education is to prepare leaders to serve in the world loved and created by God.

TLU interacts directly with congregations, creating an awareness of TLU's ministry and mission, as well as aid congregation members in understanding TLU's role in their congregation’s ministry. Our parishioners can feel proud to be part of something positively impacting the world around them by supporting TLU.

Opportunities we provide the church

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