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Philosophy Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Philosophy
Degree Options:
  • Major (BA)
  • Minor

Issues of ethical and social responsibility are becoming an increasingly important part of corporate dialogue in the workplace. A degree in philosophy shows future employers that you are capable of thinking critically and ethically, that you have the capacity for self-reflection, and that you have respect for the cultural ideals that shape and define us as a society.

Students can publish their ideas and theories in TLU’s Faith & Reason newsletter. Philosophy majors can choose to join several service organizations, including the Alpha Chi honor society. Alpha Chi and the TLU Honors Program collaborate on an annual symposium and academic forum for the campus. The Philosophy Schools students are encouraged to participate in the symposium, and to attend seminars, departmental meetings, and lecture series featuring guest philosophers hosted by TLU.

Major in Philosophy for a Bachelor of Arts

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Minor in Philosophy

Minor in Greek Studies

Minor in Hebrew Studies

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