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Data Analytics Master's Degree Program

Master of Science (MS) in Data Analytics
Degree Options:
  • Master of Science (MS)

The Masters of Science in Data Analytics (MSDA) offers students extensive knowledge in the collection, organization, and analysis of large data sets. The core curriculum covers essential skills in descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. MSDA students then have the opportunity to select one of two tracks for in-depth study. The Business Analytics track prepares students to make data- driven decisions at the managerial or strategic level. This track is more applied, with hands-on projects and a required practicum or internship. The Technology and Computation track prepares students to develop and maintain infrastructure that drives data-driven decisions. This track provides specific mathematical, programming, and information systems skills.

Degree Options

Why Data Analytics at TLU?

There are two options for admission to the data analytics master's degree program: concurrent and direct. If admitted to the concurrent program, a student may obtain both his an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree at the completion of the program.

Business Analytics Specialization

The business analytics specialization is designed for those striving for a position within a company that would allow them to make data-driven decisions at the managerial and strategic level. This specialization involves direct work with businesses through projects and internships.

Technology & Computation Specilaization

The technology & computation specialization is designed to give students specific mathematical, programming and information system skills to create infrastructure that supports data-driven decisions.


Master of Science in Data Analytics Degree Program

Data Analytics Programs

What is a Concurrent Degree

A concurrent degree allows students to earn both an undergraduate and graduate degree in five years. TLU offers a Master of Accountancy (MaCY) as well as the MSDA as concurrent degrees. Both degrees require summer school for most students in order to complete both degrees in five years. The concurrent nature of the degree allows students to begin graduate classes during their senior year at TLU.

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Licensure or Certification in Another State

If you are a current or prospective student interested in pursuing licensure or certification in another state, we recommend you review your state’s licensure or certification requirements.

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Meet the Faculty

Jesus Carmona

Associate Professor, Director of Data Analytics Program

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