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Election Resources & Special Events

As we approach Election Day, TLU's Center For Servant Leadership (CSL), Campus Ministry, and various student organizations are hosting several virtual and socially distanced in-person events to engage voters, provide helpful information about voting, encourage civil dialogue among different groups, and offer safe spaces to convene.

Show Us Your Sticker

The Show Us Your Sticker social media campaign encourages people to post photos or stories of themselves with their "I Voted" stickers to raise awareness about the importance of voting. This campaign also unites people across party lines as we all exercise our constitutional right to vote.

The Purple Zone: Nov. 3

Addressing the stress of Election Day, TLU Campus Ministry is hosting "The Purple Zone," an all-day event in the chapel on Tuesday, November 3. The purpose of this special event is not to transform the space, but rather hold it up for what it always has been: a place for all to gather.

The Purple Zone is a nonpartisan space of prayer, music, and contemplative activity, providing a space to get away from the noise of Red vs. Blue without being separated from community.

While students, faculty, and staff are free to pray of their own accord, prayers and messages will also be played and read aloud throughout the day, offered by leaders of local congregations, as well as pastors and campus ministry students from around the country.

All participants are required to follow TLU's COVID-19 Safety Guidelines.

Voter Coalition: Nov. 17

As an officially designated Voter Friendly Campus, a group of TLU students, faculty, and staff have formed a nonpartisan coalition to regularly convene and discuss voter engagement. The next meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 9: 30 a.m. Please email if you'd like to join.

This event is only open to the campus community (students, faculty, and staff).

With Malice Toward None: Nov. 11 & Nov. 18

TLU's Center for Servant Leadership has planned special programming during election season called With Malice Toward None, in conjunction with student leaders and Democracy Fellows Raquel Morris and Adrian Villarreal. With Malice Toward None is an initiative of Braver Angels. We are excited to host this program for TLU and hope that you and your students will get involved.

What is With Malice Toward None?

This student-led program asks students to commit to not holding hate against fellow citizens no matter who wins or loses. The program asks for folks to commit to this pledge: “Regardless of how the election turns out, I will not hold hate, disdain, or ridicule for those who voted differently from me. Whether I am pleased or upset about the outcome, I will seek to understand the concerns and aspirations of those who voted differently and will look for opportunities to work with people with whom I disagree.”

This program aims to give people a collective opportunity for dealing with strong emotions and move through them to a commitment of holding malice toward none. In celebration of TLU's Civility Week on Oct. 26 - 30, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to stop by and sign the “With Malice Toward None” banner in the Alumni Student Center during lunchtime.

How will this program work?

TLU CSL is hosting virtual events via Zoom on two (tentative) dates. These dates may be pushed back if election outcomes are not solidified by November 11. Interested participants will need to RSVP on Connect@TLU and will be given the login information for the corresponding group they self-identify with (the “Delighted” or “Distressed”). Students must commit to attending both the November 11 and November 18 gatherings.

Wednesday, November 11: The first, separate gatherings will give attendees a time to acknowledge emotions, fears, and the temptations that they bring in how we treat those who voted differently.

7 p.m. A Gathering for those “Delighted” by the election outcome

8 p.m. A Gathering for those “Distressed” by the election outcome

Wednesday, November 18: The second, combined gathering will help to identify personal and joint action steps, as well as identify connections between TLU’s values and the goals of With Malice Toward None.

7 p.m. A Gathering for the “Delighted” & “Distressed” to come together

These events are only open to the campus community (students, faculty, and staff).

Additional Voter Resources

More information is available about where or how to vote, as well as answers to other frequently asked questions about voting.

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Counseling & Mental Health Services

We understand that many individuals on our campus are anxious about the 2020 Election. We offer free, 24-hour access to mental health professionals through TLU Care in addition to in-person counseling services.

Questions? Please email or contact TLU's CSL Director Morgan Klaser.

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