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COVID Team Announces Plan to Limit Number of People on Campus After Thanksgiving

As part of ongoing efforts to keep our campus safe and strong, TLU’s COVID-19 Leadership Team is providing some key updates regarding the remainder of the fall semester.

TLU’s campus COVID-19 data shows we have experienced an increase in exposure and positive COVID cases after a holiday or semester break. The week after fall break alone, we had seven positive cases, or 27% of all TLU cases since August. In just the last three weeks, we have seen 12 new cases compared to 14 cases for the first eight weeks of the semester. This data has led us to the decision to limit the number of faculty, staff, and students on campus after Thanksgiving to reduce the risk of COVID spread after the break.


  • This is voluntary which means residence halls will remain open. Students who want to stay home after Thanksgiving may do so, but residence halls will be open for students who need to stay on campus.
  • There are seven class days after Thanksgiving break. Approximately 90 face-to-face (F2F) classes will transition to online for those remaining class days. Faculty will be communicating with students in these F2F classes regarding this change.
  • Co-curricular and experiential learning activities that are tied to a class will be held; however, most other activities and events should be held online or postponed. Questions about holding an activity or event should be directed to
  • Vice Presidents are communicating with their staffs to discuss necessary office coverage and remote work arrangements through the end of this semester as appropriate. Please note that our campus will remain open, but we are working to decrease the number of people on campus from Thanksgiving through the end of the semester.


  • We’ve seen an increase in #CampusClear participation so thank you! Everyone (on and off campus) should continue to complete #CampusClear every day – even during Thanksgiving break. This is the only way we can get a true sense of the health of our entire campus community.
  • We continue to receive emails about masks not being worn in halls, bathrooms, etc. or not being worn properly (under the nose). Mask wearing – and wearing masks properly – is mandatory and critical to ensuring your health and safety and the health of others around you.
  • Our first TLU Proud gift basket drawing for #CampusClear participation will be announced on Monday, Nov. 23.

The COVID-19 Leadership Team meets on Tuesdays and Fridays to assess the health of our campus and the risk level for COVID exposure and spread. We will continue to make the necessary decisions that ensure the health and safety of our community and share those with you in a timely manner.

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