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COVID-19 Update: June 9, 2020

Guidance on wearing masks on campus in June and July:

The COVID-19 Planning and Response Committee continues to require all students, faculty, and staff to wear face masks in campus buildings unless you are alone in your office. TLU’s mask-wearing guidance is consistent with the CDC which makes clear that masks and social distancing measures are very effective in limiting the spread of COVID-19. As we get closer to the reopening of our campus, we will further clarify our mask policy as well as enforcement measures. Even though students are not on campus in June and there are very few faculty and staff currently working on campus, we ask you to:

  • Always have a mask with you when you are on campus.
  • Take your mask with you anytime you leave your office so that you can put it on if you are unable to social distance.
  • Employees on our grounds crew are not expected to wear masks while working outside.

We will also be adding signage to appropriate buildings this week notifying visitors to campus that they are asked to wear a mask when inside any of our buildings.