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COVID-19 Update: June 12, 2020

New Updates:

  • The COVID-19 Work Teams (Academics, Health Services, Operations, Student Activities & Events, and Communications and Employee Training) meet weekly to discuss issues and formulate recommendations related to preparing the campus for July classes and our reopening in August reopening. Recent discussions include:
    • Academics Work Team: The Academics team has identified the following priorities: (1) Establishing protocols and instructions for students attending on-campus classes in July. This will include direct communication with these students to provide clear guidance on safety protocols and answer their questions. (2) A plan for the Library to continue to serve faculty and students online through July and Summer B. (3) A faculty survey to get a sense of how many fall classes could be online vs. face-to-face or hybrid to allow for social distancing. Faculty will be hearing more from Interim VPAA Annette Citzler and incoming VPAA Sarah Ferguson about recommendations for classes.
    • Operations Work Team: The Operations team is establishing cleaning guidelines for campus and will begin with guidelines for classrooms. The team is also serving as the central point of contact for purchasing COVID-19 related supplies such as masks, plexiglass shields, disinfecting wipes, etc. More information will be forthcoming on supplies for academic and non-academic spaces and how to make requests for specific offices or spaces.
    • Student Activities & Events Work Team: The Student Activities & Events team is discussing various options and scenarios for Bulldog Orientation as well as finalizing plans for Commencement on August 1.
    • Health Services Work Team: The Health Services team will be providing an update early next week on the work they are doing related to students returning to campus, temperature checking, and protocols for faculty, staff, or students who become ill.
    • Communications & Employee Training Work Team: The Communications & Employee Training team is working on the following: Livestream events with President Cottrell and work team chairs set for June and July; communication to Summer B students regarding health and safety protocols; campus signage design and printing; and a staff survey to be sent out next week to gauge staff concerns on returning to campus.

As always, all updates and announcements dating back to early March are available at