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Center For Servant Leadership Offering Voter Engagement & Virtual Service Projects

TLU's Center For Servant Leadership (CSL) has developed more tools and guidance for students, faculty, and staff to stay civically engaged this fall. Despite the disruption of COVID-19, TLU's CSL is committed to making community service a priority just as they do every year. From voter engagement to virtual service projects, there is an option for everyone.

Voter Engagement

  • With the presidential election happening this fall, this is a big semester for voter engagement at TLU. As a Voter Friendly Campus, the CSL provides voter registration, education, and engagement. If you’d like CSL Director Morgan Klaser or a student Democracy Fellow to come into a class or student leader meeting to provide voter registration or information, please email me to set up a time. Their office will also be sharing tips on incorporating voter engagement into the classroom, answering FAQs to students, and more throughout the semester.
  • For faculty are teaching this fall, the CSL urges them to please consider adding the voter registration deadlines into their syllabus and mention these dates to students on a regular basis.
  • The TLU Voter Coalition (a space for faculty, staff, students, and community members) to meet virtually and discuss voter engagement programming will begin meeting this fall. Email

    CSL Director Morgan Klaser to be a part of these discussions.

e-Service Learning Support

View a list of resources to consider when adapting in-person service-learning experiences to an online experience on MyTLU under the Student Life tab > Center for Servant Leadership folder on left-hand menu Faculty page.

Civic Engagement Opportunities

The following events and projects will be organized and led by staff from the TLU Center for Servant Leadership. The office will track all participation and can easily update people at whatever interval they seek. Each event includes intentional small group reflection facilitated by a student.

Helping Others Together

While the annual fall day of service (H.O.T. Dogs) is not possible because of COVID-19, TLU's community partners are still in need. If a student group (academic course, athletic team, student organization, etc.) is interested in partnering with a community organization for the semester to help with their needs, please contact CSL Director Morgan Klaser to learn more about available options. Some opportunities can be fulfilled remotely.

Volunteer Opportunities

Visit the online volunteer opportunities database

CSL Projects

CSL Projects are weekly to monthly service opportunities scheduled by student civic engagement coordinators. The projects have various times, but there is a calendar available on the CSL’s MyTLU page, under the Student Life tab. Opportunities are primarily remote at this time. Examples of CSL projects include working with the Seguin ISD disciplinary campus, Eden Cross Senior Community, Habitat for Humanity, West End Neighborhood Project, Teatro de Artes de Juan Seguin, Seguin ISD schools near TLU’s campus, and voter registration.

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