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William Hayter

  • Asst. Professor, Clarinet & Music Education
  • School of Music



Dr. William Hayter plays and teaches clarinet and bass clarinet and serves as Assistant Professor of Clarinet & Music Education at Texas Lutheran University.

As a soloist, Dr. Hayter has appeared in Belgium, France, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United States, including world, European, and national premiere performances, in addition to numerous concerts as a chamber musician and free improvisor. Notable performance invitations include world premieres at every edition of the International Clarinet Association’s ClarinetFest since 2018.

Dr. Hayter’s doctoral thesis, Soprano Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, and Alto Saxophone: A Preliminary Study in Comparative Pedagogy, produced first-of-its-kind results toward identifying the differences in the physical approach of artist-teachers to inform the specific instruction of each instrument. This unique research benefits students and teachers of all levels.

Dr. Hayter holds a Doctor of Musical Arts and Master of Music in clarinet performance from Texas Christian University, a Master of Music in bass clarinet performance from Codarts, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Rotterdam, the Netherlands), and a Bachelor of Music in music education from the University of Houston. He studied clarinet and bass clarinet with Gary Whitman and Jeffrey Lerner, bass clarinet with Henri Bok, and saxophone with Joe Eckert.

Dr. Hayter previously taught at Midwestern State University, Tarrant County College, and Kilgore College. He serves as the President-Elect of the Board of the Fort Worth Music Therapy Fund.