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Alison Bray

  • Associate Professor, Department Chair, Chemistry
  • Chemistry




Ph.D. in Geochemical Systems, Department of Earth Science, University of New Hampshire, 2001

M.S. in Geochemical Systems, Department of Earth Science, University of New Hampshire, 1998

B.A. in Chemistry and Marine Science, University of San Diego, 1995


Ransom Environmental Consultants Inc., Assistant Project Manager/Environmental Scientist, Newburyport, Massachusetts

Responsible for overseeing environmental site assessments and managing a variety of environmental sampling efforts including groundwater, surface water, soil, sediment and soil gas; ground-penetrating radar (GPR) survey and building materials sampling. Designed and supervised remediation programs at all stages from initial investigation to remediation system design/implementation.


Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry


American Geophysical Union and American Chemical Society


Investigation of Carrizo Wilcox Aquifer and Edwards Aquifer Ground Water: Experiential Learning Approaches for Undergraduate Education

Faculty-Student Collaborations

  • Understanding uptake of arsenic in lowland rice
  • Metal and metalloid contamination in edible consumer products
  • Creation of hyper cross-linked polymers from "junk” Styrofoam for the remediation of arsenic in Saturday


  • 2014 United States Department of Agriculture E. Kika De La Garza Fellow
  • 2012 and 2013 Instructional Development Grants
  • 2014, 2016, 2022 Academic Research and Development Grants
  • USDA National Institutes for Food and Agriculture Hispanic Serving Intuition grant $250,000
  • Kieffer Science Fellow
  • Invited Professor- Harlaxton College, Harlaxton, England 2019


Bray, A.M., Grusak, M., Developing students as scientists:Reflections on a collaboration between USDA and a small private liberal arts campus, American Association of Hispanics in Higher Ed Annual Meeting, March 2020, Costa Mesa (poster)

*Carillo, J., Muelbrad, J., Kubicek, P., Bray, A.M., Analysis of Arsenic and Cadmium in Catahoula Rice Plants, SACNAS National Meeting, October 2018, San Antonio, TX (poster)

*Martin, C., Ramos, C., Mainez, M., Bray, A.M., Effects of Growing Conditions on the Distribution of Arsenic and Cadmium in the Rice Plant Tissue and Seeds, The Capitol of Texas Undergraduate Research Conference, October 2019, UT, Austin Texas, (poster)

*Corporon, B., Nava, R., Pollok, K., Bray, A.M., Quantitative Analysis of Arsenic in Basil Plants, UTSA COS Research Conference, October 2018, San Antonio, TX (poster)

*Pollok, K., Nava, R., Corporon, B., Bray, A.M., Quantitative analysis of arsenic and cadmium in dog food, American Chemical Society, Spring 2018 National Meeting, New Orleans, LA (poster)

*Corporon, B., Pollok, K., Nava, R., Bray, A.M., Quantitative analysis of arsenic in Basil , American Chemical Society, Spring 2018 National Meeting, New Orleans, LA (poster)

Bray, A., Deep Sea Hydrothermal Systems: Investigating Lithium Isotope Systematics, UTSA Geoscience Seminar Series, San Antonio, February 2018. (Invited presentation)

Bray, A., Arsenic and Rice: Small School Experiments for a Global Predicament, UTSA College of Science Research Conference, San Antonio, October 2017. (Invited presentation)

Bray, A.M., Grusak, M., Developing Students as Scientists: Redesigning the Undergraduate Experience through Early and Continued Research Experiences, Workforce Diversity and Career Opportunities within the USDA for Current and Recent Graduates, NIFA USDA PI Meeting, Feb 2017 (poster)

*Nava, R., Miller, C., Bray, A. Effects of varying flood conditions on arsenic uptake by Cocodrie rice, American Chemical Society, Fall 2016 Southwest Regional Meeting. (poster)

*Kubena, C., Bray, A. Is it healthy? Evaluation of dietary supplements for potentially toxic metals, American Chemical Society, Fall 2016 Southwest Regional Meeting. (poster)

*Kirkpatrick, S., Bray, A., Quarrels, D. Examining uptake of arsenic by rice plants: results from small scale bench studies, Texas Academy of Science Annual Meeting, Spring 2016. (poster)

*Bray, A., Johnson, R., Kirkpatrick, S., Ladewig, C., Pollok, N, Effects of Flooding and Drying Soil on the Uptake of Arsenic in Rice, Texas Academy of Science Annual Meeting, March, 2015. (poster)

* Pollok, N., Bray, A.M.; Johnson, R., Ladewig, C., Comparison of Wet Digestion Techniques for Rice Plant and Rice Flour, American Chemical Society, Fall 2014 Southwest Regional Meeting. (poster)

Bray, A.M., Quarles, C.D., Gonzalez, J.J., Sission, C. Analysis of Contaminated Plant Leaves using the Applied Spectra J200 Tandem Laser Ablation- LIBS Instrument with an ICP-MS, Applied Spectra Technical Publication- Special guest author. Spring, 2016.

Bray, A.M., Von Damm, K.L., O’Grady, K.M., Comparison of hydrothermal fluid chemistries from two anomalous ridge areas: 17o24-27'S and 9o45-50'N, Eos Trans. AGU, 80 (46), Fall Meeting Supplement, F1073, 1999.

Bray, A.M. and Von Damm, K.L., Controls of alkali metal chemistry of hydrothermal vent fluids from 9-10oN East Pacific Rise, Eos Trans. AGU, 78 (46), Fall Meeting Supplement, F453, 1997.

Von Damm, K.L., A.M. Bray, L.G. Buttermore and S.E. Oosting, The geochemical controls on vent fluids from the Lucky Strike vent field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 160, 521-535.

*Student presentations


  • President: New Braunfels Science Education Foundation
  • TLU Chemical Safety Officer
  • New Braunfels Unicorn Band Booster
  • Faculty Advisor to Pi Rho Chemistry Club