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Testing & Contact Tracing

Should I Be Tested?

Your doctor will help make the decision if you should get tested for COVID‑19. If you do not have health insurance, you can still get tested for COVID‑19 if your doctor or healthcare provider recommends it.

For information about testing, you should call your doctor and/or access care the way you usually do. If you need help finding a doctor or accessing medical care, call 2‑1‑1 and they can direct you to low- or no-cost providers in your area. People can get tested for COVID‑19 at public testing sites or drive‑thru locations in certain parts of Texas.

View COVID-19 Testing Sites in Texas

TLU Students Can Access TLUCare

What is TLU Care?
TLU Care is a convenient way for TLU students to receive 24/7, no-cost Medical, TalkNow and Scheduled Counseling visits for common conditions that can be safely and accurately diagnosed and treated online. All you need is an internet connection.

Access TLUCare

How Does Contact Tracing Work?

TLU will notify local health officials, students, faculty, and staff immediately of any COVID-19 case while maintaining confidentiality in accordance with ADA, FERPA, and other applicable laws and regulations.

TLU will coordinate contact tracing with the local health authority and the Texas Department of State Health Services. TLU will conduct limited contact tracing as needed to supplement the local health authority efforts.