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Face Covering Policy

Wearing a face covering is required on campus for faculty, staff, students, and visitors

The Wearing of a Cloth Face Covering is Required on Campus

This includes all indoor and outdoor spaces, except in the following areas:

  • In an office alone with the door closed;
  • In your residential room (when no guests are present);
  • While eating or drinking, but community members should seek to physically distance and should return to use of face covering when no longer eating or drinking;
  • While exercising outdoors if participants are able to physically distance (at least six feet);
  • In residential hall bathrooms, but those using the bathrooms should seek to physically distance while in the space.

As more is learned about the COVID-19 virus and how to protect from its transmission, and as local and state ordinances change, this policy may evolve along with other health and safety guidelines. TLU assumes students, faculty, and staff will exercise common sense to keep the community safe in all circumstances.

Why Face Coverings?

Widespread use of face coverings among the TLU community, in conjunction with other protective measures, is designed to lessen the risk of community transmission of COVID-19. The CDC recommends the widespread use of face coverings due to the possibility of transmission by asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic carriers of COVID-19. Face coverings are not a replacement for physical distancing and increased hygiene measures. Community members may wear their own masks, and TLU has purchased additional masks for anyone who needs one. It is recommended that CDC guidance on regularly cleaning face coverings be followed and can be found here. TLU has also ordered additional personal protective equipment for members of the community whose work requires such items.

It is important to properly wear a face covering. The CDC recommends washing hands before putting on a face covering, ensuring that it fits properly, removing the face covering without touching the face, and washing hands after removal.

Proper Use Of Masks

Face Mask Do’s and Don’ts for Health Care Personnel

Bystander Intervention

Bystander intervention is our best strategy to help our community be mindful about wearing face coverings. We encourage community members to calmly suggest a face covering be worn if someone is not wearing one in a publicly-shared space (always assess your own safety first). You could start by asking the person if they have a face covering with them. If they don’t, remind them the university has face coverings available. You may also report concerns about community members not wearing face coverings to:

  • Dean of Students Office regarding TLU students
  • Human Resources Office regarding TLU staff members
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs Office regarding TLU faculty members

COVID-19 protocols carry the weight of Texas Lutheran University policy. Failure to adhere to these protocols potentially puts our campus community at risk and will be considered a breach of conduct resulting in possible referral for disciplinary action.