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#CampusClear Daily Screening

Faculty, staff, students, and visitors will be required to complete daily self-screening and temperature attestations through the #CampusClear App before entering classrooms, buildings, or offices.

What is #CampusClear?

Recent health sciences research has shown that daily self-screening, combined with a “FastPass” or “Passport” (allowing/disallowing access to buildings) have dramatically reduced the spread of COVID-19 in a hospital environment setting.

#CampusClear is a partnership initiative between, Creighton University, and Stony Brook University that formed to provide a technological solution to the challenge of self-screening (or self-surveying) as a foundational strategy of return-to-campus initiatives.

How Does It Work?

#CampusClear prompts users to answer a
single question each day: "How do you feel today?"

Users select from configurable responses to reveal a one-day pass for visiting campus or instructions to self-quarantine.

#CampusClear also provides real-time analytics to help guide campus officials as they make decisions regarding on-campus operations.

The App Also Supports Contact Tracing

Schools can connect data from their student information system to identify hot spots, track diagnoses, monitor potential outbreaks, and alert students and faculty who may have been exposed to symptomatic individuals.

Through #CampusClear, all faculty, staff, students and visits will follow basic campus COVID-19 protocols, including self-certification that the person:

  • Has not been determined to be actively infected with COVID-19
  • Does not have a fever, cough, or other symptoms of COVID-19 (per CDC guidelines)
  • Has not been in close contact with anyone known or suspected to have tested positive for COVID-19 in the previous 14 days
  • Has not traveled through an area in the previous 14 days with state or local travel restrictions that mandate quarantine upon arrival home.

Please remember that all self-screening applications are educational, not diagnostic.

#CampusClear Privacy Policy

All data is transmitted encrypted and only certain individuals appointed by TLU will have the ability to unencrypt the data so they can make contact with sick individuals, for example. The app does not conduct surveillance or tracking other than the utilization of the app. No third parties will get access to the app’s data. There also is a feature within the app that allows all end users (faculty/staff/students/visitors) to download all of the data they have entered or delete all historical information they have entered into the app.

Read the privacy policy in its entirety here.

#CampusClear for iPhone & Android

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If you do not have a smart phone, you may access #CampusClear on the web and print out your "Fast Pass" here.

How to Download & Use #CampusClear

Contact Us

Timothy Kent

COVID-19 Administrative Liaison