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Campus Cleaning Policies and Procedures

Enhanced Efforts

Steps we're taking to ensure a safe living and learning environment on campus:

  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols of common contact areas and high-touch surfaces added to standard operating procedures for campus buildings and residence halls.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers located throughout campus building primarily in entrances, exits, and outside restrooms.
  • Disinfectant wipe dispensers located in every classroom for students and faculty to use to thoroughly disinfect desks or workspaces before or after use.
  • Doorstops will be installed where feasible (cannot be installed on fire exit doors).
  • Enhanced procedures for disinfecting residence hall rooms, bathrooms, classrooms, and areas that an infected student, staff, or faculty member has come in contact with will be used if an individual tests positive for COVID-19. Common areas will be disinfected immediately whereas a single residence hall room may be fogged then cleaned 24 hours later.