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Visitor Acknowledgement Form

All campus visitors are required to read TLU's On-Campus Practices for Visitors and sign the Campus Visitor Acknowledgement Form.

On-Campus Practices for Visitors:

  • I will wash my hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • If soap and water are not available, I will use hand sanitizer provided in all buildings.
  • I will participate in meetings, events, or visits by video, telephone, or other electronic means when possible.
  • I will maintain at least six feet of distance from others (see TLU Social Distancing Policy). This includes when I’m outdoors.
  • I will wear a cloth face mask/covering as directed by TLU’s Face Covering Policy. This includes wearing a face covering in any publicly used closed space, including elevators and restrooms, regardless of whether other persons are present at the time, and wearing a face covering at all times outdoors unless eating and/or drinking.
  • I will avoid being in an elevator with other people and will use stairs if possible.
  • I will inform TLU's COVID-19 Administrative Liaison, Tim Kent, if I test positive for COVID-19, where I have reason to believe I was on the TLU campus while positive.
  • If I am exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, if I have test positive for COVID-19 (regardless of whether I have symptoms), or if I have been exposed to COVID-19, I will not come to the TLU campus.
  • I will not enter residence halls or apartments. (TLU does NOT allow visitors who don't live on the TLU campus into dorms or apartments. This policy applies to parents and family members.)

TLU has the right to remove from campus any visitor who fails to comply with the university’s On-Campus Practices for Visitors.

I understand and acknowledge that while TLU is continuing to clean, sanitize, and engage in social distancing and other best practices to keep the TLU campus safe, and that TLU is continuing to follow the guidance of public health officials to help prevent the contracting or spread of COVID-19, the nature of the COVID-19 virus is somewhat unknown, and TLU cannot control risks associated with COVID-19, guarantee that the campus (including all campus facilities) is free of the virus, or that a visitor will not be exposed to it.

Campus Visitor Acknowledgement Form

(First and Last)
Please review and acknowledge TLU’s Campus Visitor Practices prior to coming to campus. I acknowledge receipt of TLU’s Campus Visitor Practices. As a campus visitor, I understand that TLU may remove me from campus if I fail to comply with TLU’s campus COVID-19 practices.