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Academics: Spring 2021

Our planning for spring 2021 focuses on the best way to deliver our classes with great attention to health and safety. We will continue to monitor the public health environment as a move to all online may be necessary.

Face-to-Face and Online Classes

A majority of our courses are face-to-face (F2F) or face-to-face split (F2S). The remaining courses are online – either synchronous (SYN) or asynchronous (ASYN). We continue to work with faculty who teach labs, clinicals, and music on strategies for meeting learning goals while maintaining safety.

Please refer to the TLU Course Schedule for a complete list of TLU courses and their accompanying designation of SYN, ASYN, F2F or F2S.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar for Spring 2021 will remain the same with classes beginning on January 13, spring break will be held March 15-19, and the last day of class will be April 28.

TLU will continue to monitor the public health environment and COVID-19 infection rates throughout the spring to determine if a move online is necessary.

Academic Policies

  • All academic policies remain in place with instructors being aware of challenges that may occur with student attendance.
  • Students who are quarantined may continue with their face-to-face courses through remote learning. Students will need to notify their professors to confirm this change. They will also need to submit notification through the #CampusClear app. For questions about quarantine procedures, please contact
  • TLU policies on academic dishonesty will be followed and enforced. Faculty should follow the guidance in section 7.9 in the Faculty Procedures Manual (May 2019) for guidance on preventing academic dishonesty in online courses.
  • Students must check in for all online courses following the Checking-in for an Online Course Policy (Faculty Procedures Manual, May 2019, section 7.8.1).

Learning Options

Face-to-Face (F2F)

Face-to-Face Split (F2s)

Online Options

Synchronous (SYN)

Asynchronous (ASY)