The Washington Semester is offered in political science, economic policy, or journalism. These programs allow a limited number of Texas Lutheran University students to enroll in a 16 semester-hour curriculum at the American University in Washington, D.C. The curriculum, depending on the program, involves research, seminars, lectures, and on-site meetings with national decision makers, journalists, and others involved in reporting or making national policy. An internship in an appropriate office, agency, or organization is included. The programs are open to students, regardless of major, who meet the following criteria: have at least junior standing; have completed POLS 231 with a grade of C or better; have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75; and have taken the basic courses in political science, economics, or communications studies

Filled with weekly seminars from high-profile politicians and requiring at least two days of internship each week at a politically affiliated office, the Washington Semester is an opportunity rich with hands-on experience. The quantifiable result is prepared in the form of a research project that takes advantage of the vast resources available in Washington and often includes interviews that can only be done in that city.
What did you take away from your Washington Semester?
"I'm now a contract specialist with the Department of Defense, not too far from some of my favorite class memories."

"I interned at the Peace Corps Headquarters Press Office and wrote press releases for the organization."

"It was a fantastic experience."

"I interned for Congressman Dick Gephardt."

"I had a Pentagon public affairs office internship and an NBC-DC job during the presidential election."

"The Washington Semester was life changing."