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In 2012, we celebrated 100 years in Seguin and created a historical exhibit detailing the journey from our founding to present-day. Check out the interactive online exhibit.

Get your copy of the 100 Years In Seguin Special Edition Commemorative Torch magazine in the TLU Bookstore, or view it online.


Texas Lutheran University was founded in Brenham, Texas in 1891 and moved to Seguin in 1912. The school was named Texas Lutheran College and in 1996 the name was changed to Texas Lutheran University. More than 30 major buildings and athletic fields are located on the 184-acre Seguin campus. Texas Lutheran is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the ELCA. Texas Lutheran University is a community of faith and learning. 

Alma Mater 

Original version written in 1958 by Marlene Kriewald Bonds ’57. 

O stately college of the plain,
The memories we’ve gathered here
Of chiming bell and chapel spire
Will live through each advancing year.
Beloved TLU, to thee
We pledge our love and loyalty.
Hail to our Alma Mater fair!
“The truth of Christ shall make us free.”
O hallowed halls of memory,
The treasure stored within our heart,
The friendship of our student days,
Shall all endure though we may part.
Thus we, beloved TLU,
Our voices raise in praise to thee.
Hail to our Alma Mater fair!
“The truth of Christ shall make us free.” 

Bulldog Mascot 

TLU’s first junior college coach, John M. (Jack) Doerfler, said he wanted the athletic boys to be strong and tenacious, and so he named them “Bulldogs” in 1926. From 1926 to 1929, our football teams won 23 games, lost six and tied one. Early on, the women’s teams were known as the Amazons, then as the Bullets (or Bullettes), before becoming Bulldogs. Go Bulldogs! 


TLU’s mascot is named Lucky. Although TLU does not have an official live mascot, there is no shortage of representatives on campus. The student’s favorite is a “Lucky” carved out of a tree stump, now on display in the Alumni Student Center. It is tradition that at graduation, he is moved outside, and as the students process to graduation they rub his head for good luck.

Fight Song 

We’re going to fight for TLU
Go Bulldogs on to victory!
We’re going to show our pride and fight
For glory and for might!
The Black and Gold we see today!
We’re going to shout and sing and say:
Hurrah!! For TLU!
Go Bulldogs on to victory! 

Victory Bell 

The Victory Bell is the only item that was kept from the original campus in Brenham, Texas. Located in Alumni Park, the bell is rung after athletic victories and special occasions, including graduation.

Chapel of the Abiding Presence 

Dedicated in 1954, the Chapel of the Abiding Presence is a TLU icon. Services are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings during the school year. While attendance isn’t required, many faculty, staff and students choose to worship with their community. In 1969, a fire burned the inside of the chapel,  requiring it be refinished and the pews removed. The Chapel now features moveable seating, which can be rearranged for special services and and events. 

Dog Tag (Official Class Ring) 

TLU’s Official Class Ring was unveiled during Homecoming 2009. The ring represents everything TLU from academics and athletics to history, spirit and tradition. Rings are distributed once a year at the annual Ring Ceremony in the spring. 

Fritz House 

This historic building was once part of the Fritz Homestead in the late 1800s. The Fritzes donated 15 acres of their homestead to TLU in 1912 when it relocated from Brenham to Seguin. On April 5, 2001 the home was literally rolled 400 feet to its current location and restoration began. The home was completed in 2005.  The Fritz House is a beautiful facility for the university and a true historical marker of TLU’s history in Seguin, as well as a representation of rural life in south Texas during the 19 th century.  

Martin Luther Statue 

Standing in front of the O.G. Beck Center is the abstract statue of Martin Luther—the great reformer of the 16th century, after whom the Lutheran Church is named. The 13-foot statue was designed and created by Elmer Peterson, former chair of the TLU art department. It is a gift to TLU from the family and friends of Adolph C. Streng, Sr., and is dedicated to the memory of Streng, who was a professor, administrator and pastor at Texas Lutheran College from 1929-1973.


TLU Flame 

The TLU flame is part of the official branding and logo for the university. It is a free flowing mark, without beginning or end, denoting education and an ongoing life of service and leadership. The areas of the flame symbolize TLU’s academic, social and spiritual approach to education.


TLU Seal 

The TLU seal represents the centrality of the Lutheran tradition in the academic and spiritual life of the university. The “Luther Rose” occupies the center of the seal. The cross, heart and petals of the rose symbolize the innocent death of Christ. The five points of the “Lone Star” represents the university’s Texas location. The Latin motto appears between the star’s points and translates into “The truth of Christ frees humankind.”

Seguin Centennial

In 1912, the college made the move from Brenham to Seguin, marking a turning point for the modest college and the city. One century later, the university is going strong and part of the community of Seguin. To commemorate the Seguin Centennial in 2012, TLU created a historical exhibit and complimentary online version. View the interactive online exhibit.


Homecoming is sponsored by the Alumni Office and is a weekend full of activities for alumni, students, and friends of the university to come together and celebrate the TLU spirit. Events include: tailgate, football game, king & queen coronation, golf tournament, class reunions, alumni games, football reunion.

Family Weekend

Family Weekend is held in conjunction with Homecoming each fall on the weekend of a home football game against a SCAC opponent. Family Weekend is sponsored by the Office of First Year & Campus Programs. Events include a Q&A session with TLU administrators, workshops, and a Family Weekend Breakfast with the TLU President.

Gold Rush

Started in 2008 by the Student Government Association to promote school spirit at athletic events, the idea is to fill the stands with a sea of gold. At designated Gold Rush games, fans are encouraged to wear gold and show their Bulldog pride.

Christmas Vespers

Started in 1940, Vespers is an annual Christmas celebration of music and word performed by the TLU Choir, TLU Women's Choir, Kantorei Chamber Choir and the Symphonic Winds and Percussion. Music has been an integral part of the curriculum at TLU throughout its history. Christmas Vespers attracts thousands of people from across the state of Texas and beyond.

Day of the Dogs

Since 2008, Day of The Dogs has been a service project, a time for TLU faculty, staff and students to give back to the Seguin community and a way of saying “thank you.”

Spring Fling

This event is the largest celebration on campus hosted by the Student Government Association. It has been a longstanding tradition that takes place the third Saturday before spring graduation. This is an outdoor event with music and games hosted by student organizations and special recognition of outstanding members of our TLU community. It is a celebration not to be missed!

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