Bulldog Road Map to Graduation

Bulldog Road Map to Graduation

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Questions about the Bulldog Road Map to Graduation? 

Contact the Student Success Committee at success@tlu.edu.

What is the Bulldog Road Map to Graduation? 

The Bulldog Road Map to Graduation is designed to help students see how they can become engaged, find support, and be challenged throughout their time at TLU. There are four different road maps, each aligning with the year a student is at TLU or based on a student's credit hours. The road map is presented in timeline form and identifies key things students should focus on each semester in an effort to be successful both inside and outside the classroom.

Who can use the road map?

All TLU students. There are 2 ways to determine which road map to use:  

  1. Align with the number of years a student has attended TLU.
  2. Align with a student's completed credit hours (Year 1: 0-26 hours; Year 2: 27-59; Year 3: 60-89 hours; Year 4: 90+).

View the Road Map

Click on the images below to download and view the Bulldog Road Map to Graduation. 



Physical copies of the road map are available in the following places: 

  • Academic Buildings 
  • Alumni Student Center (Student Activities and Campus Programs, Meadows Center, and Dean of Students Office) 
  • Beck Center 
  • Fitness Center 
  • Blumberg Memorial Library 
  • Residence Halls