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About Residence Life

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Eric Booth
Director of Residence Life 

Phone: 830-372-8065
Email: reslife@tlu.edu

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At TLU, learning doesn't stop when you leave the classroom. Our residence halls and apartments are a hub of activity for social and educational programs and events. We offer students the opportunity to join a living learning community, which will not only enhance their on-campus experience, but give students the ability to connect with faculty outside the classroom. For many students, the community they come to know and remember is the community they developed with their roommates and suite mates. 

Two-thirds of our students live on campus in our seven residence halls and four on-campus apartment complexes. Each residential living option provides a safe and welcoming environment where students can easily walk to class, Hein Dining Hall, or the fitness center at Jones Sports Complex.

  • Housing Options

    All full-time students are required to live in TLU housing unless they meet one of the following criteria:

    • 21 years of age or older at the beginning of the fall semester
    • Married
    • Have lived on a college or university campus for a minimum of four semesters
    • Commuting from the student’s permanent residence (parent or guardian) that is within a 30-mile radius of the campus

    Note: All students/applicants under the age of 18 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis TLU offers students several different styles of living including suites, apartments, and traditional housing with each providing a living and learning environment that supports students’ academic, personal, and social needs and goals.

    Residential and co-curricular programming focuses on providing opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom. Many classes also offer service-learning opportunities in addition to the many symposiums, special events, and guest lectures that occur on campus on a regular basis.

  • How to Apply for Housing

    The application process for housing is simple:

    1. Apply and be accepted to TLU.
    2. Submit your acceptance deposit.
    3. Turn in your shot records including proof of receiving a meningitis shot within the last five years.
    4. Log on to MyTLU to fill out your housing application, roommate matching form, meal plan.
    5. Beginning June 1, Residence Life will start housing students based on the housing application/roommate matching form submitted online. Housing is based on the date you submit the housing contract.
    6. Students can find out their building, room number and roommate information beginning the last week of June. This information will be located on the Residence Life tab of the MyTLU portal. A student can scroll down the Residence Life page and click on Residence Information. The information about roommates will be there provided your roommate and yourself have both registered for classes.

    Being a good roommate and good neighbor is important. The TLU Student Handbook provides valuable information about what students can expect from TLU and, in turn, what TLU expects from students. Students living in TLU housing are expected to be responsible and respectful, and they should expect the same from fellow residents.

  • Costs

    2018-2019 Housing & Meal Plan Rates
    All rates are per semester unless otherwise noted. 

    Building Double Occupancy Paid Single Small Single
    Centennial (freshman, co-ed) $2,935 $5,135 n/a
    Baldus & Clifton (freshman, co-ed) $2,935 $5,135 $4,400*
    Trinity (small, freshman, co-ed) $2,575 $4,420 n/a
    Trinity (large, freshman, co-ed)$2,985$5,225n/a
    Knutson & Seguin Hall (sophomore, co-ed) $2,575
    Hahn (senior)n/a$2,065 n/a
    Apartment buildings  (juniors/seniors) 4 person    2 person   
    Brandes, Kramer, Lange, Steger (efficiency apartments #3-8) $2,370
    Brandes, Kramer, Lange, Steger (single rooms only, must purchase Meal Plan A or B) $2,740 $2,740 n/a
    Brandes, Kramer, Lange, Steger (full apartments #1-2) $2,575
    Linne, Renger Strunk (full) $2,575
    Bogisch, Glazener $4,055 $4,055** n/a

    *First-time freshman students are not allowed to have single or small single rooms.
    **Bogisch and Glazener apartments are offered by unit rather than by bed.

    Meal Plans Semester Year
    (A) Carte Blanche $2,605 $5,210
    (B) 15 Meals/Week $2,285 $4,570
    (C) 10 Meals/Week $2,285 $4,570
    (D) 40 Meals/Semester $865 $1,730

    Meal plan A, B come with $150 Dining Dollars per semester. Meal plan C comes with $250 Dining Dollars per semester. Meal plan D comes with $450 Dining Dollars per semester. Dining Dollars can be used in Hein Dining Hall or Lucky's Kennel.

    Note: Students residing in the residence halls must select among Meal Plans A, B and C. Students residing in the apartments may select among Meal Plans A, B, C and D, or may select no meal plan. The student may change the selected meal plan without penalty up to and including the first official day of class. No changes may be made in meal plans after the first official day of class. All meal plan changes must be made in writing to the Residence Life Office. The Meal Plan Change form is located on the MY.TLU portal under the Residence Life forms tab. Notices submitted to offices other than the Residence Life Office will not be recognized and/or honored.

  • TLU Dining Services

    Hein Dining Hall

    Students enjoy a wide variety of fresh, healthy options in addition to college favorites. Our newest addition, the salad bar, offers fresh fruit and toppings. Chef Ernest Servantes, winner of Food Network’s Chopped Grill Masters, creates new entrees just for TLU students. Everything at Hein is all-you-can-eat, so students can fill up on hot home-style entrees, freshly baked pizza and pasta, fresh-baked deli sandwiches, homemade soups, cage free eggs and ice cream before heading to class or hitting the books.

    Lucky's in the Alumni Student Center
    TLU's "snack bar" features retail restaurants, such as World of Wings and SubConnection, and grab and go selections from Simply To Go.

    Tschoepe Hall Cafe
    Grab a Starbucks coffee or latte and a Simply To Go sandwich, salad or snack to start off the day or in between classes.

    For more details and hours of operation, visit tlu.sodexomyway.com

  • Meningitis Vaccination Policy

    In order to comply with state law, TLU requires that all new students, including transfer and readmissions, be immunized against bacterial meningitis (MCV4). The vaccination must have been given during the 5 year period preceding and at least 10 days prior to the first day of the first semester enrolled. Students age 22 and over are exempt from this law. Students applying for on-campus housing should check with the Office of Residence Life regarding the need to have proof of immunization before making a housing reservation.

    Acceptable evidence of vaccination includes an official record from a state or local health authority, or school record, or physician’s office; including signature or stamp of practitioner and month/day/year of vaccination. Documentation should be sent to TLU Enrollment Services, 1000 W. Court St., Seguin, TX, 78155 or faxed to 830-372-8096.

    A student has the right to claim exemption if the student submits (1) an affidavit or certificate signed by a physician who is duly registered and licensed to practice medicine in the United States, in which it is stated that, in the physician's opinion, the vaccination would be injurious to the health of the student; or (2) an affidavit signed by the student stating that the student declines the vaccination for reasons of conscience, including religious belief. A conscientious exemption form from the Texas Department of State Health Services must be used for on-campus students. A version of the form for off-campus students only may be downloaded here. This form must be notarized.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that meningococcal disease strikes up to 3,000 Americans, killing 300 people a year. Up to 15 percent of those with the disease may suffer long-term permanent disabilities including hearing loss, limb amputations and brain damage.

  • Residence Life Staff

    Area Coordinators (AC) are full-time employees who reside in the residence halls in an apartment. An AC typically has a master’s degree in higher education administration or a related field. The AC is the day-to-day manager of the residence hall and helps facilitate a learning environment for the students. The AC position is a 12-month, live-in position.

    Resident Assistants (RA) are full-time upper-class students who live on the student floors and are employed by Residence Life. RAs help provide programming for the residents throughout the academic year. Students who have lived on campus for at least one semester are eligible to apply for a RA position. The application and selection process is in the spring of each year.