Texas Lutheran University wishes to provide a safe, educational environment for the students, faculty, and staff. As a member of this community, you are encouraged to contact Texas Lutheran University Police to report any suspicious circumstances or criminal activity. Texas Lutheran University officers are fully certified Texas Peace Officers with arrest authority. Their jurisdiction is defined in the Texas Education Code and Code of Criminal Procedures and governed by directives of other state laws. However, Texas Lutheran University Police restrict most of their action to property owned by Texas Lutheran University. The Texas Lutheran University Police Department has procedures in place so that other law enforcement agencies may report to us any crimes related to Texas Lutheran University.
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E2Campus Emergency Notifications
TLU has a state-of-the-art emergency notification system that is capable of sending notifications instantly and simultaneously to all registered mobile phones, wireless PDAs, pagers and e-mail addresses. E2Campus is a service that is being provided by the University for the TLU community. As such it will be used for emergency notifications only. There will be no advertising. Sign up for E2Campus.
Contact Us
Texas Lutheran University Police
Dial “0” 
Seguin Police/Fire/EMS
Dial “911”
Police Chief Gary Hopper
Dial ext. “8199”
Parking & Traffic Regulations
Operating any type of vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle) on the campus is regulated by the university police and requires your cooperation with all traffic regulations and safe-driving practices.
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