Farming/Agriculture and Sustainability
Organization         Contact Description Volunteer Opportunities
My Father's Farm *TLU Students: click here to serve with other students at this site

Pedro Schambon
Northeast intersection of 123 Bypass and Kingsbury St.
100% organic farm a few miles from TLU. The proceeds support an orphanage in rural Columbia. -Building and upkeep
-Farming/gardening tasks (planting, harvesting, etc)
-Help with ongoing projects
LULAC Community Garden Ricardo Guerra
(830) 379-9219
Several community members and organizations have been working to create and increase the use of community gardens in Seguin. -Gardening-related tasks (planting, maintenance, watering, harvesting)
-Contact for more information
Siempre Sustainable (meets at Mosaic Church) Marvel Maddox

Meeting 1st Monday of the month at Mosaic Church. Potluck at 6 PM, Meeting at 7 PM
Walking distance from TLU
Siempre is focused on sustainability and educating the community about healthy living and eating. Siempre is involved in several ongoing projects in the community. -Gardening related tasks at several community gardens in Seguin
-Other sustainability related activities
Blumberg Park Community Garden *TLU students: click here to serve with other students at this site

CSL Service
(830) 372-6420
The Partnership for a Better Seguin at TLU began a revitalization project on Blumberg park, located in the neighborhood east of TLU, to strengthen the sense of community and provide a safe family friendly area for residents in the neighborhood -Tend to the garden by assisting with watering, weeding, adn harvesting.