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Professor Travels to Argentina to Celebrate "La Cristiada"

Dr. Ana María González presented the keynote at the I Congreso Internacional de Estudios sobre la Épica - 2011.

I Congreso Internacional de Estudios sobre la Épica - 2011

Some 40 years before the publication of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, there appeared another great poem from the New World, the epic “La Cristiada”, written in Spanish by a Dominican friar, Diego de Hojeda. Like “Paradise Lost”, “La Cristiada” is a kaleidoscopic masterpiece which reflects alternately on Greek and Roman literature, from Cicero to Dante to Martin Luther.
2011 marked the 400th anniversary of the publication of this magnificent, as yet largely undiscovered classical epic poem, and so it was celebrated at I Congreso Internacional de Estudios sobre la Épica (I International Conference on Epic Studies) at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo on August 18 – 20, 2011, with the participation of researchers in the area of epic poetry from different parts of the world.
Among the conference organizers were two contemporary scholars, Dr. Ana María González of Texas Lutheran University and Dr. Elena Calderón de Cuervo of the National University of Cuyo, both of whom wrote their doctoral dissertations on the poem and were enthusiastic about finally bringing to light this great work. Dr. Ana María González presented her book on the epic poem of “La Cristiada”. In addition, through several departments at TLU, we also sponsored the attendance of Dr. Elizabeth Davis from Ohio State University as one of the keynote speakers.
A complete copy of the program may be found at:

Dr. González’s keynote presentation was on Friday, August 19 at 6:30 p.m.
18.30 hs. Conferencia plenaria a cargo de la Dra. Ana María González (Texas Lutheran University. EE.UU.). “La Cristiada: un acercamiento para nuestros estudiantes”. Aula c8.
These literary events provide many opportunities to meet well known researchers and intellectuals from all over the world. Dr. González was particularly pleased to meet all invitated speakers and had the occasion of interacting with them in a more personal manner: Dr. Elena Calderón de Cuervo, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo; Ana María González de Tobia, Universidad Nacional La Plata; Dr. Rubén Florio, Universidad Nacional del Sur; Dr. Juan Lorenzo Lorenzo, Universidad Complutense de Madrid; Dr. Sonia Rose, Université Toulouse II; Dr. Karl Kohut, Universidad Católica de Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany and Dr. Elizabeth Davis, The Ohio State University.