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Honors Discussion Series Focuses on Big Ideas Under the Stars

“I was trying to think of an academic experience that I would have really enjoyed as an undergraduate,” says Dr. Betseygail Rand, TLU assistant professor of math and honors program director. “I thought sipping hot chocolate under the stars and discussing big ideas would be really cool.”

So do TLU honors students. Starting this semester, TLU honors students take turns coming up with big ideas to discuss under the stars once a month at the Starlit Discussion Series on TLU’s campus. Most recently, Mary Rosegrant, a senior biology and chemistry major, created a slideshow presentation and facilitated a discussion on guilt, confession and the web site, postsecret.com. Dr. Rand provides the venue and lawn blankets while each student has a budget to provide their choice of refreshments.
The next Starlit Discussion Series will be presented by Alex Cook and Ian Nutting in November in conjunction with TLU’s Krost Symposium – Living Privately in Public: Social Media, Boundaries, Freedom & Responsibility.