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Summer 2011 Faculty Student Research Projects

Faculty and students team up to complete professional-level research projects each summer. These integral field learning experiences, give TLU students an edge on the competition when applying for graduate schools and employment.

Faculty: Reza Abbasian
Student: Allison Clark
Research project: Investigating free open-source online Mathematics/Statistics software: SAGE and WOLFRAM-ALPHA
Faculty: Reza Abbasian
Student: Wako Bungula
Research project: Benford’s Law and its Applications to Beta-decay
Faculty: Beth Barry
Students: Pavi Bridges, Beth Beck-Dietert, Jeff Newberry, Jill Powers, Amber Schkale
Research project: Writing for non-profits – specifically, grant writing for Comal County Senior Citizens, Seguin High School, and Cystic Fibrosis
Faculty: Robin Bisha
Students: Aubry Buzek and Brandon Baylan
Research project: Working on a collection of essays that address the 2011 Krost topic on Social Media. Studying the issue of living privately in public.
Faculty: Jack Davidson
Students: Isabel Dore, Ian Nutting, Jaynellen Stokes, Kyle Zunker
Research project: “My Brother’s Keeper:” the ethical and moral dilemma – if people are starving, how do we justify eating at a restaurant? Do we go or do we give to help someone who is hungry and can’t afford a meal?
Faculty: Lorne Davis
Students: Lauren Holland Alexander and Deilli Hoxha
Research project: Studying the drought and the idea that as the ground gets dry, the trees should die, but they don’t. Why?
Faculty: Danielle Grove
Student: Clinton Taylor
Research project: Studying BPA and environmental estrogen receptors
Faculty: Bob Jonas
Students: Ruben Moreno, Jr. and Alex Mireault
Research project: Evolutionary study of bacteria. For the past 11 years, TLU faculty and students have been studying bacteria by putting it in different environments. The group also will be engineering bacteria strains to sense oxygen levels in zinc – this allows scientists to modify bacteria to work for them.
Faculty: Lee Powell
Students: Hans Amende and Caleb Bahr
Research project: Analyzing data on RR Lyrae stars.
Faculty: Angie Sauer
Student: Caleb Galeske
Research project: An oral history of “Life on TLU Campus.”
Faculty: Rodrick Shao
Student: Drilona Aliu
Research project: Developing an international marketing plan; understanding other cultures and how to market in different countries.
Faculty: Tiffiny Sia
Students: Catherine Hoffmann, Nathan Fry, Tamara Schmoekel, Kyle Leihsing
Research project: The impact of high-impact learning in TLU classes.
Faculty: Carolyn Turner
Students: Amer Mellon, Erblin Ribari, Elizabeth Crockett, Krystal Garcia
Research project: Students will apply the Krost 2011 topic to their research on how individuals recover from personal harm done through social media (bullying, etc.)
Faculty: Linda Wilson
Students: Rachel Kubena and Cindy Flores
Research project: Students will be writing TLU Apps for Blackberry and Android phones. One will be an App to find the nearest ELCA church; the other will provide a list of student activities.