A yearlong rebranding initiative led by the Texas Lutheran University Marketing and Communications Office reached an initial peak when TLU unveiled a new logo and slogan, “Learn Boldly. Live to Inspire” at Spring Fling 2012, the university's annual end-of-year student celebration.
“The new logo and slogan highlight TLU’s mission to help students of varying backgrounds, talents, and goals discover their unique worth and their vocation,” said Sarah Story, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for TLU.
With a buzz in the air at Jackson Park, Dr. Stuart Dorsey, TLU President, spoke to TLU students before the initial unveiling. Dorsey encouraged the students and faculty to think and act boldly.
“Our brand research project, initiated a year ago, delivered needed clarity on our brand personality, strengths, and values, said Dr. Dorsey. “We discovered who we are today, but even more important, who we want to be as we continue to grow.”
The logo and slogan were then unveiled in an exciting and innovative new ad for the university, created by cutting edge San Antonio film company Raging Bull Productions. The video focuses on the passionate spirit and dynamic heart that beats collectively within the university.
The reaction to the video from students was both positive and energetic, which channeled into a race to get T-shirts with the new logo, which were passed out by the university as a way of thanking the students for their enthusiasm and participation.
If there has been a theme for TLU over the past year, it would be embracing change. In a year, the university has named a new president (Dr. Stuart Dorsey), begun construction on a new freshman residence hall, and new general education curriculum and new academic programs that include two aviation degrees and a Master’s of Accountancy degree. The many changes have uncovered a better understanding of where the university is headed.
The new branding look, feel, and messaging has helped create a synergy between students and faculty that is unlike anything the university has seen. TLU is intentionally creating an environment where both students and faculty receive an education that comes from their experiences together. The result is not only a degree that that can be placed on a resume or hung on a wall, but also an opportunity for self-growth and transformation in every aspect of life.
And while current TLU students and faculty were treated to the unveiling on campus at Spring Fling, the journey for TLU from here on out will include an active commitment to highlighting the stories of TLU alumni, students, faculty, and staff through three major storytelling campaigns that support the brand message.
“We are excited about three storytelling campaigns we’re creating to capture the essence of the TLU brand and experience,” said Story. “Our ‘I am TLU’ will focus on current students while ‘Live to Inspire’ will highlight our alumni and the fascinating and inspiring things they are doing with their TLU degrees. Our third campaign is called ‘Got Passion?’ and is the brainchild of Judy Hoffman, TLU associate professor of geography and TLU alumnus.” The Got Passion? campaign highlights the individual passions, hobbies, and interests of TLU faculty and staff. It’s a great way for the campus community to get to know each other on a personal, as well as professional, level.
TLU administration, faculty, and staff have made their message clear; the journey of a TLU Bulldog does not end on the stage at graduation. Every TLU Bulldog learns boldly and lives to inspire, regardless of their location or stage in life.
“We have faculty, staff, students, alums, and friends who live the TLU brand every day,” said Story. “We are focused on telling their stories in a way that promotes the identity, image, and visibility of the TLU brand. We believe we are unique and we are excited about creating a strategic marketing initiative that will promote that uniqueness in a very competitive marketplace.”
By Adam Sweeney, ’08 Alum
New Brand, New Building: Introducing Centennial Hall
Quick Facts
  • Three floors
  • 48,400 sq. ft.
  • 160 Beds 
  • First floor contains two classrooms, two seminar rooms, a computer lab, small group study room – all available to the entire campus. 
  • First floor includes support spaces for the residents of the hall, including lobby, lounge, game room, laundry room, and kitchen.
  • Student rooms on second and third floors are double-occupancy with community bathrooms.
  • Replaces Kraushaar and Hahn Halls as student housing. Those halls will be repurposed.
  • Will be completed in Summer 2012. First students move in August 2012.