The college experience is about looking beyond your own back yard and expanding your horizons to better understand our world through a global lens. TLU’s Study Abroad program offers just that. Whether you study in Wales, Scotland, China, Netherlands, England, Prague, Budapest or Paris, you will embark on a learning experience that transcends the traditional classroom setting. Not only do TLU professors lead students abroad, TLU also partners with institutions around the globe such as:
Jaynellen Stokes, a junior philosophy and international studies major, studied arts and culture in Central Europe for a semester. In her study abroad blog on, she writes:

“We are learning about places we never imagined we’d visit (in this trip or any other). The trip to Budapest, Hungary was, at the least, a last minute decision. We discussed going to Rome, but it was too far away and too expensive. But we did know that our professors were living in Budapest for the summer. Did we know if they were out of town? Nope. If they would even have time to see us? Nope. Or if they would even want to see us? I mean really, it was their time off. But we emailed, just to see. And there it was just days later, an email asking us when we were getting in, numbers to call, and times that would be good to meet. And there started our adventures around this beautiful city named Budapest.

I don’t think a student can ask more from a university, than to have professors who want to take seven students on a trip to Europe knowing that they are ‘crazy’ (maybe even annoying) college students. And professors that will open their door, give you a tour, and even feed you, after just a short email sent only days before. This is what makes TLU different. This is what makes TLU special. This is why I picked, and stayed, and love TLU.”
Blogging Abroad
Drew is studying in Granada, Spain through the Central College affiliate program. He is a Philosophy and Spanish double major.

Jessica Miles is a biology major at TLU currently studying abroad in England at Harlaxton College.

Samuel is a history major and geography minor at TLU currently studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Alexandria is a sociology major at TLU currently studying abroad in Northern Ireland.

Dr. Jonas is a TLU biology professor teaching for the Fall 2013 term at our affiliated program, the University of Evansville’s Harlaxton College.