The courses in physics are designed to acquaint the student with a general knowledge of physical phenomena, the ways in which physicists study these phenomena, and the contributions such studies have made to our civilization. The courses provide knowledge necessary for students preparing to enter the health sciences, engineering, or teaching at the secondary level. They also provide support for majors in biology, chemistry, mathematics and computer science as well as for those non-science majors who wish to broaden their educational background.
Degree Options
B.A. Applied Science/Pre-Engineering (dual degree)

B.A. Physics

Minor in Physics
Why TLU?
Physics and Engineering students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with various disciplines through small introductory classes before choosing a field. Hands-on experience is acquired with engineering concepts, software, and laboratory tools. Pre-engineering students participate in team projects in engineering design of autonomous robots using the physics shop and computer labs, engineering computation and analysis using MATLAB™ and virtual test instrumentation using LabView™, commercial software packages widely used in modern engineering and applied science. Physics labs introduce students to digital data acquisition and analysis, analog and digital electronic test equipment, and nuclear counting and spectroscopy instrumentation.