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Professor Toni Sauncy to Speak at 2016 American Physical Society Conference

Date: Oct 3, 2016

​Physics Department Chair Dr. Toni Sauncy is a featured speaker at the 2016 American Physical Society National Mentoring Community Conference.

​TLU Receives Nearly $300,000 Grant From National Science Foundation

Date: Sep 19, 2016

​Imagine taking a course where lecture is minimized and class time is spent working on problems, group projects, and being actively engaged in the course material. As part of a grant awarded from the National Science Foundation, Texas Lutheran University will receive $291,828 to determine the optimum impact inverted and “flipped classrooms” should have to maximize student success in STEM courses.

Fall 2016 Torch Now Available Online

Date: Sep 16, 2016

The Fall 2016 edition of TORCH highlights upcoming events and advances in academics and the arts and explores the inspiring...

Baptist Health Foundation Awards $20,000 Grant to Nursing Program

Date: Aug 24, 2016

The Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio (BHFSA) awards $20,000 grant to support TLU nursing scholarships.

AlumNotes & In Memoriam - October 2016

Date: Jul 6, 2016

September 8 through October 7, 2016

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