Summer 2012 Student Research & Internships

September 10, 2012

Texas Lutheran University’s summer research programs and internships offered students hands-on experiences in specialized areas, along with the chance to obtain scholarships. From chemistry to biology and botany, these independent studies gave students the opportunity to step outside the classroom and into their perspective field.

Summer 2012 Welch Scholarship Applicants

Assisted by Dr. Santiago A. Toledo, Josh Kubena and Carmen Phillips focused on lab research concerning the synthesis and characterization of small molecule zinc and nickel complexes used as mimics of metalloenzyme active sites.

Dr. Biller Miller supervised students Ashley Meadows and Allyson Matthys in their determination of arsenic and cadmium levels in organic baby food, formula, and energy drinks flavored with rice syrup. Dr. Miller also aided Sandra Roberts and Melissa Viggato in their determination of lead, manganese, and other heavy metals in soil. Zach Gottleib worked with Dr. Miller on the computational studies of chalcogen containing materials of interest in superconductivity studies.

Summer 2012 Budwine/Snow Scholarship Applicants

Students Kristi Dietert Guerrero, Ruben A. Moreno, Jr., and April Ramos all participated in the summer microbiology independent research with Dr. Robert Jonas. In their research, they focused on the continuation of The Evolutionary Study started in 2000 and the GCAT Synthetic Biology Project.

Summer Internships & Independent Studies

Ligia Bolivar conducted independent study research with Dr. Danielle Grove on RNA assay for estrogen receptors for ovary and brain tissues.

Carolyn Kate Cowey’s internship at Guadalupe Regional Medical Center with Larry Hicks demonstrated the knowledge and experience of hospital pharmaceutical practices.

Doneta Gjuka interned at Brigham & Women’s Hospital with Dr. Zafira Castano explored the biology of breast cancer as discussed by the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.

Kristi Dietert Guererro interned with Dr. Mark Statler at New Braunfels Pediatric Associates.

Ashley Hall’s independent research study with Dr. Scott Baily involved the White Rat Study on diet and exercise.

Weston Ranch Independent Study Project

Assisted by Dr. Alan Lievens and Dr. Mark Gustafson, students Linda J. Moss and Sally John Rajkumar conducted surveys of the plants and lichens in the Weston Ranch near Marion, Texas. This field biology research involved collecting specimens, identifying the plants, and preserving them. Over 1,500 specimens have been collected during the past few years.

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