Personal & Professional Impact of TLU’s Black & Gold President’s Council

February 24, 2016

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When TLU First Lady Michelle Dorsey began the Black & Gold President’s Council (BGPC) in 2012, her vision was to offer a social education as well as an academic education to students. After three and a half successful years, BGPC continues to be a prestigious honor for outstanding students.

Students eligible for BGPC must be classified as juniors or seniors for the upcoming academic year and must be nominated by a faculty or staff member. Once nominated, candidates submit an application and undergo an intense interview process. If chosen, they’re expected to maintain a 3.0 G.P.A., remain active within the campus community, and attend numerous events as representatives of the university.

While the goal was always for students to learn networking skills and social leadership, Dorsey said the BGPC have become official representatives of TLU.

“These are top-notch students,” Dorsey said. “They’re all super involved and having them visible at alumni and donor events makes a huge impact with our guests. BGPC has taught them so much more than professional dress and etiquette. I see how they engage people in conversations and connect with them. I believe it’s a great experience for them.”

Jamie Moellenhoff ’15 was the first BGPC president and a founding member. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in vocal performance and a master’s in accountancy, she took a position with PwC as an associate auditor in Houston.

Her involvement with BGPC helped her become a more confident adult both socially and professionally.

“I was able to build a very important foundation of skills in networking and etiquette, from what to wear to the appropriate table manners for various types of events,” Moellenhoff said. “BGPC allows students to network with influential and interesting people, thereby challenging them to expand their horizons. I constantly find myself in situations where I am applying something I learned from BGPC. Mrs. Dorsey brings out the best in people and I am honored that I had the opportunity to learn from such a strong female role model.”

Canaan Hoffman ’13 was also part of the council’s inaugural group, paving the way for a new and influential TLU organization.

“BGPC not only teaches you how to present yourself professionally, it teaches you how to be relatable to people in general,” Hoffman said. “I learned how to be more approachable and engage people in conversations. I know I wouldn’t have my current job as a marketing analyst without BGPC. In almost every way, it influenced how I interact as a professional.”

Allen Cain ’13, a double major in computer science and math, said the council allowed him to take his academics and social skills to the next level. As an analyst for the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Cain said he feels at ease interacting with people at all levels.

“Since I had the chance to meet so many important people and donors at TLU, I’m able to interact with the CEO or CFO in a more comfortable way,” Cain said. “I learned how to stay humble and grounded, yet confident in my abilities to have discussions with people I might have otherwise seen as intimidating.”

This spring, Dorsey will welcome 11 new students to BGPC. Seeing past members transition from college students to working professionals is what she refers to as “turning out a whole” person.

“BGPC gives them a sense of pride,” she said. “Not only have they made an impact on TLU, they’ve made an impact on me. Seeing the members who’ve gone through the process and how well they’re doing is amazing. I’ve made an enormous connection with all of these students. They make my day.”

Pictured: 2015 BGPC Inductees with TLU President Dr. Stuart Dorsey and First Lady Michelle Dorsey.

Meet the 2016-2017 BGPC cohort after their jacket passing induction ceremony on March 22. Read more about the students on the TLU Blog.

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