Live To Inspire: Kyle Zunker ’12

September 29, 2015

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Kyle Zunker '12 talks about how his time at TLU prepared him law school and working in a law firm.

Because of his TLU education in philosophy, English, and Spanish, 2012 graduate Kyle Zunker also found success at Southern Methodist University's Dedman School of Law. The recipient of SMU's prestigious Hutchinson Scholarship, Zunker is currently a law clerk at Cokinos, Bosien, and Young in San Antonio, and is awaiting the results of his July 2015 bar exam.

He recently spoke to Professor Jack Davidson's philosophy students, sharing his personal journey from TLU undergraduate to Juris Doctor. While Zunker didn't always know he wanted to pursue law, he found the profession to be a perfect fit with what he was studying at TLU.

When Zunker received a phone call in the spring of 2012 from the Dedman School of Law admissions office at Southern Methodist University, he was expecting them to repeat the same previous offer extended to him. That was not the case. The dean of admissions called to award him the Hutchinson Scholarship: a full tuition, merit- based academic scholarship to the Dedman School of Law. Zunker was stunned since most scholarships for schools had already been awarded. Surprised and thankful, he accepted and began classes in the fall of 2012.

A triple major in English writing, Spanish and philosophy, Zunker says his experience at TLU allowed him to develop strong academic integrity. The fact he was even able to triple major was an advantage.

“All three of my majors prepared me for law school and each brings something different to that pursuit,” Zunker says. “I learned how they’re all connected, cross referenced and strengths in the field of law.”

His desire to continuously learn and explore analytical thinking propelled him towards pursuing law school. Zunker said he felt more confident and prepared than many of his classmates at SMU.

“I was encouraged and appreciated at TLU both academically and socially,” Zunker says. “There is really no way to explain how important it is to have good relationships with professors and university staff. TLU offers that. From professors to staff in the business office, they know your name and are there to help.”

He calls many of his professors close, personal friends. Their guidance, knowledge and encouragement are what he says helped him most as a student.

“Everyone is there to help you do your best,” Zunker says. “At TLU, you can be as successful as you want to be.”

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