Live To Inspire: Ifueko Fex Ogbomo ’03

July 1, 2014

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Shortly after graduating from secondary school in Kaduna, Nigeria, Ifueko Fex Ogbomo ’03 knew she wanted to go to college in the United States. She didn’t know, however, that she would one day return to Nigeria and perform for the president and his dignitaries.

When Ogbomo was offered the chance to attend Texas Lutheran University and receive the PACE academic scholarship, she made the journey from Africa to Seguin, Texas. While it was a culture shock, Ogbomo was eager to be somewhere different than everything she knew. After her first couple of semesters as a computer science major, Ogbomo was wondering if she was on the right career path for herself. Not only was she dealing with the normal stresses of being a college student trying to find their way, she was living with sickle cell disease. As she continued to battle her illness daily, she searched for her true calling.

“I was at TLU wondering what I going to do and who I was going to be,” Ogbomo said. “I remember Professor Judy Hoffmann telling me ‘Do what you love.’ It seemed so simple when she said that and I knew what I loved: music.”

When her illness affected everything from appetite to body temperature, she said, it was music that helped her. She soon switched her major and began working toward a music degree with a voice concentration.

“Music was my sunshine,” Ogbomo said. “It expanded my hope for the future and allowed me to be creative in so many ways. For me, pursuing music at TLU was one of the best decisions. My creative side woke up at TLU and I began appreciating talents I never even knew I had. The words that were said to me and the professors and people who encouraged me not only gave me confidence in my music, but to become a writer.”

In 2004, she was back in Nigeria and once again searching. This time she was working to discover herself as an artist and how she could best express her own creativity. For the first time ever, Ogbomo entered a poetry slam. She had no experience writing poetry. She was not familiar with the different styles and nuances. She won.

“I found out words were my greatest strength,” she said. “My first thought was how do I make this, my poetry, into a career? That’s why I founded InspiroLogos World Creative. ”

Now, as an inspirational speaker, sickle cell activist, award-winning poet, author and voice over artist, Ogbomo uses her talents to inspire others with words. By combining poetry, spoken word and music, she specializes in customized poetic tributes.

“When I’m asked to speak, I try to find out what’s at the heart and soul of the event,” Ogbomo said. I want to speak to the people there about what matters to them and capture the essence of my poetry and music while customizing it to the appropriate platform.”

She has performed at elite, national events in Nigeria including the World Economic Forum on Africa Farewell Reception in Cape Town, the Nigerian Economic Summit and the 2013 Nigerian Presidential Flood Relief Fund Raising Dinner where she performed “Voices Of The Victims”—a tribute for those who lost everything to devastating floodwaters. Most recently, she was asked by Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, to write a special poem about the 300 young girls abducted by Nigerian militants Boko Haram on April 15, 2014.

As she continues sharing her poetry and music internationally, Ogbomo maintains that every person has a gift worthy of sharing with the world.

“There is something only you can do that no one else in the world can,” Ogbomo said. “If you don’t do the thing that was meant for you to do, the world is missing something. Life is incomplete until you find your talent. Nobody is without talent. Find yours. Find it. Do it. Live it.”

For more information about Ifeuko Fex Ogbomo and her poetry, including Nigeria, Arise!, Voices Of The Victims, Giant Of Africa and Until We Find You, visit or

Special thanks to TLU alumni Harold Bogisch ’53 and Jeep Kiel ’64, and TLU alumna and Professor Judy Hoffman for hosting Ms. Ogbomo during her time in Seguin.

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