Live to Inspire: Dr. Marcie Moehnke ‘01

August 1, 2012

Dr. Marcie Moehnke was like many incoming college freshman. She was unsure of her career path, but she did know one thing: she loved science. Moehnke discovered her passion for teaching at TLU, and now a professor of biology at Baylor University, the ’01 alum credits TLU science instructors for motivating her to teach. 

“The number one thing that moved me forward in my career choice was the relationships I developed with my TLU professors,” said Moehnke, 2011 Collins Outstanding Professor recipient. “They were true mentors and I wanted to emulate them. There was encouragement in and out of the classroom and the opportunity to learn through personal experience. They put emphasis towards hands-on activities. At TLU you’ll actually get to work with instruments while technology students at other colleges may learn about the instruments, but don’t always get the chance to have the hands-on experience.” 

The opportunity to learn from professors who are passionate about what they do made her realize the importance of being an educator. 

“At TLU, the professors don’t see their job as a paycheck,” Moehnke said. “They see it as a calling. The way I was challenged and supported made me want to pursue graduate school and eventually earn my doctorate. The TLU atmosphere incorporates faith, leadership, and community. I’ve taken what I learned there, built off of it, and will continue to do so.”

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