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August 13, 2012

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Although a gardener at heart, Tim Barr is passionate about more than just growing vegetables. From his young daughters to TLU students to members of the Seguin community, Barr sees himself as a co-educator emphasizing the interconnectedness of life in Seguin and on this planet. Barr, director of the Jon and Sandra Moline Center For Servant Leadership, has found a way to combine family, faith, and his career with his passion for gardening.

In addition to his “edible lawn,” Barr and his family also use a worm bin for composting kitchen scraps. This cycle of growing and giving back is what he wants his young daughters to learn.

“I want my girls to be aware of the interconnectedness of life on this planet,” said Barr. “I want them to know where their food comes from and how we can contribute. We spend time together when we’re in the garden and that’s very important too.”

The decisions we make and what we do affect the global community says Barr. Whether it’s with local farmers or members of his church, developing a sense of community and cultivating relationships are his main focus.

“We’re all part of something bigger,” said Barr. “Knowing the people who sell you your food is one way we can stay connected. My students and I really try to go out into Seguin and work in the local gardens. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to gardening. It’s how we can grow relationships within our communities and through our faith.”

Barr’s Glocal Retreat project teaches students how the global becomes local. Barr hopes the retreat continues to educate TLU students on how local engagements can have global implications.

“I hope that students deepen their understanding of global citizenship and local involvement,” said Barr “I want students to connect with the Seguin community and begin to invest in their new home, develop relationships with one another, and that my program and the international education program develop future leaders and participants.”

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