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August 13, 2012

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Providing a social education, as well as an academic one, is what TLU First Lady Michelle Dorsey says truly develops an individual. As chair of the Black & Gold President’s Council, Dorsey advocates exposing students to social situations within and outside the university. From etiquette to wardrobe, the President’s Council teaches social leadership to those who also display top honors in the classroom.

“We’re committed to turning out a whole person,” said Dorsey. “We want these kids to be out there and be seen. It’s very important to have the skills you need so you’re comfortable talking to people in various social settings.”

A sense of pride is what Dorsey also says college kids need. The 15 students chosen for the President’s Council must be nominated by a faculty or staff member and undergo an interview process. Once selected, they must maintain a 3.0 G.P.A.

“These students are the best of the best academically and we want to make them to be the best when it comes to networking,” said Dorsey. “By involving them in various university events, they learn how to interact with people and gain confidence in social situations. They’re representing TLU and we want them to know how great they are.”

Dorsey says working on the President’s Council is like being a parent over and over again.

“TLU is transformative,” said Dorsey. “When you see the impact and change in these students from the time they join the council to the time they leave, it’s wonderful. It reminds me of how my mom always expected a lot from me. I expect a lot from these kids too. My mom always encouraged me to do my best and that’s exactly what I want my students to do. They have lots to offer and we want them to believe that.”

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