Got Passion? Annette Citzler

August 13, 2012

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Growing up, Dr. Annette Citzler spent many days on her grandparent’s farm. The time spent pickling vegetables, making cookies, butchering meat, and preparing meals showed her the true meaning of farm to table. From churning butter to homemade preserves, she learned how making food for others is an act of love. Citzler, a business professor, is a self-proclaimed recipe collector who feels best when she can share a meal with others.

“I take immense happiness in baking and cooking for others,” she said. “It’s a process of giving and nurturing for me. Think about it. Sitting down with friends or family to enjoy a meal goes back to our earliest history. Nowadays, I think we lack that social connection. We need to look at how food relates to family togetherness and how food can bring us back together.”

Along with her business courses, Dr. Citzler is teaching an honor’s course on food and culture. Her goal is for students to take pride in what they produce and understand the importance of hospitality.

“They will explore the meaning of food in their own lives,” Citzler said. “Whether it’s growing or cooking, I want them to relate their academic work to their own life experiences. People really do come together through cooking and sharing. I experienced that with my relatives and I want the same for my students.”

When her family homestead burned during the Bastrop fires in 2010, so did all of her family recipes and cookbooks. The TLU community came together for Dr. Citzler and collected around 300 cookbooks from colleagues and students.

“I was very grateful when that happened,” Citzler said. “It was moving. I’ll always love making food for people. It all goes back to the idea that we enjoy nurturing others. I don’t really know how to cook for one. However, I do know I get the happiest feeling from sharing a homemade meal with others.”

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