Arthur Munoz ’15 Accepted to Harvard Law School

May 4, 2015

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When Arthur Munoz took an LSAT prep course, he never really considered applying for Ivy League law programs. However, after receiving his placement exam scores, Munoz’s instructor told him to go for it. This fall, he will begin classes at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Mass.

The senior business major said he’s always had an interest in litigation, specifically the issues of international economic inequality. With a specialization in finance economics, Munoz said his business background and overall experience at Texas Lutheran University have prepared him in many ways.

“My freshman year, I had Chemistry Professor Santiago Toledo for my Freshman Experience course and Business Professor Justin Dubas for Principles of Economics,” Munoz said. “Their teaching styles are unique and they actually use the Socratic Method which is how law school is taught. There was always lots of engagement with course material and they pushed me. Sometimes, it was really challenging, but I’m so thankful they such high expectations. I feel like I had more opportunities at TLU than I would have had at a larger university.”

In May 2013, Munoz studied abroad with Toledo and Dubas, learning about the growth, development and macroeconomics of Ecuador.

“That experience was amazing because I actually got to talk to the people of Ecuador and see their own struggles with mass economic inequality,” Munoz said. “In today’s world where we’re so connected. We should think of our neighbors not as just people who live on the same street, but how we are neighbors globally. We often turn a blind eye to issues like economic inequality because we can’t see physically see people in South Africa or India dealing with those issues. I’m very fortunate to have been born in the wealthiest country in the world at the wealthiest time. I want others who weren’t that fortunate to be represented.”

He also credits Business and Economics Professor Annette Citzler, alumna and lawyer Jennifer Dillingham and alumnus Dave Sather for contributing to his success as a student.

“In the summer of 2013, I was an intern at Jennifer’s law firm in New Braunfels and she was extremely insightful in helping me figure out where I wanted to go to law school and what I need to do to prepare,” Munoz said. “Dr. Citzler has always been there for me to bounce ideas off of and Dave Sather, president of Sather Financial Group, Inc., taught me so much as a member of the Bulldog Investment team.”

The Bulldog Investment team was one of five finalists at the 12th Annual Texas Investment Portfolio Symposium (TIPS) at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business. The team beat out the University of Dallas, Tulane University and Rice University in a competition against MBA students.

For now, Munoz said he’s interested in two very different areas of law, including legal counsel for large corporations and economic inequality advocacy at an organization like the United Nations. The latter, however, is more personal.

“My parents sacrificed everything for me and my sister,” Munoz said. “My father passed away in April 2012. Both my mom and dad grew up in the Rio Grande Valley and had to begin working at an early age. My dad actually graduated from the University of Texas-Pan Am and my parents always encouraged me to go as far as I could. Now, I have this opportunity that very few people in the U.S. have, let alone the world. Fighting for economic equality is a passion.”

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