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Volunteer/Unpaid Interns

Complete the TLU Volunteer/Unpaid Intern Position Description Form. Completed volunteer description forms and waivers are submitted to program supervisors first for their signature, then to HR.

Comply with the following requirements from Title IX before beginning participation in the program:

  1. Complete a criminal background check as directed by Texas Lutheran University.

    Fill out the Criminal History Investigation Consent Form AND Criminal History Investigation Release, then return them to Becky Hruza at in order for the background checks to be completed.

  2. Complete driving record forms provided by either HR or volunteer supervisor (if your volunteer service may require transporting yourself and/or others). This will include providing valid, current driver’s license and insurance information. After paperwork is submitted, the HR office will then request an official report.

  3. Complete the Texas Lutheran University’s harassment prevention training.

    Upon clearing background checks, harassment prevention training will be made available through HR.