The Texas Lutheran University Honors Program provides educational challenges for highly gifted and motivated students. Recognizing that honors students are intellectually curious, adventuresome, and creative, the university provides both traditional and non-traditional learning opportunities for honors students.
About the Honors Program at TLU
Basic Features of the Honors Program
Honors students must satisfy the University’s minimum requirements of 124-credit-hours for graduation, and the associated 30 upper division-hour requirement. Students must maintain a 3.25 cumulative grade point average to remain in the Honors Program.
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Admission to the Honors Program
Students may apply to the Honors Program at two junctures: 
  • During the semester preceding their first semester at TLU 
  • During their first semester at TLU
To be considered for admission, students must have: 
  • 3.5 cumulative GPA 
  • Fewer than 40 semester hours of university work 
  • A complete application, available at the Honors portal webpage
  • Two letters of recommendation

Honors Program Courses
For Honors Program Courses and Departmental Honors Courses for the major, view the Course Catalog.
Starlit Discussion Series
“I was trying to think of an academic experience that I would have really enjoyed as an undergraduate,” says Dr. Betseygail Rand, TLU associate professor of math and honors program director. “I thought sipping hot chocolate under the stars and discussing big ideas would be really cool.”
So do TLU honors students. Since the fall of 2011, TLU honors students have taken turns coming up with big ideas to discuss under the stars once a month at the Starlit Discussion Series on TLU’s campus. In 2012, the Center for Servant Leadership joined the series to collaborate on facilitating civic dialogue on topics which are often divisive.

Check the calendar for upcoming dates and topics.
Contact Us
Dr. Betseygail Rand
Honors Program Director
Benefits of the Honors Program
Individualized Curriculum Plan
An honors student may propose a customized degree plan which is specifically developed to meet the intellectual and/or career interests of the individual honors student.

Study Grants
Honors students may apply for funds to support special research and study efforts.

Cultural Event Reimbursement
Honors students who attend area cultural events may receive reimbursement for a portion of the their expenses.

Honors Courses
The 21 hours of Honors Program courses are designated for honors students only.

Special Academic Advising
honors students create their degree plans in consultation with faculty advisors in their majors, and the Honors Program Director provides supplemental advising as well.

Social Opportunities
The Honors Program Center serves as a gathering place for honors students and their friends. Social events and field trips are scheduled each semester.