O.G. Beck Society

In the mid-1930s, a conversation occurred between a successful businessman, Otto G. Beck and his brother-in-law, Pastor Nicholas Frueh, who was a member of the Texas Lutheran College Board of Regents. This short conversation resulted in the largest single gift ever received by Texas Lutheran University.

The gift was received more than 35 years later in 1969 in the form of a bequest which provided capital for the university administration building bearing his name, a maintenance endowment to care for the O.G. Beck Center, and a substantial endowment, the income of which is used for educational purposes of the university.

The O.G. Beck Society was formed in 1996 to recognize those friends and alumni of Texas Lutheran University who have included TLU in their estate plans. The current O.G. Beck Society members listed below will help Texas Lutheran University fulfill its mission to provide quality higher education in a community of faith for generations to come.

Current Members

Kent S. Abernathy
Michael and Kathy Aguirre
Tom and Nancy Ayres
James Baros
Bernard and Dot Baumbach
Joyce Baur
Earl and Lovie Beard
Judy and Bob Beglau
Nancy S. Berry
Karen F. Bethel
Fred Biery
Marie Jo Billnitzer
Chris and Patricia Bischoff
Tim and Whitney Bischoff
Robert Blevins Jr.
Carla Blumberg
Rodney and Cora Nell Blumberg
Harold and Sherline Bogisch
James A. Boldt
Timothy Brady
Todd Braulick
Nancy L. Breland
Claudia and George Brookover
Dorothy Ann Brown
Mary Jane and Buster Cage
Laura and Brett Carleton
Nancy and Frederick Carney
Kathy Cashen
Betsy Clardy
Elaine Cordes
Alice and Werner Daum
Carol and Charles DeHaven
LaDonna Dirks
Laverne Dube
Don and Barbara Effenberger
Michael W. Ensrude
Ralph C. and Eleanor M. Erchinger
Stephanie and Rick Ertel
Walter and Joan Farrier
Ella Fetzer
Harold and Charlene Foerster
Mary Lee and Larry Franklin
Roxanne and Lester Frantzen
Michael A. Giesecke
Susan and Noel Giesecke
Calvin and Donna Goerdel
Greg Gunderson
Ruth Haas
Melvin and Hattie Hammer
Peggy Hanna
Victoria and Charles Harris
Jim Haueisen
Millie and Arlyn Hausmann
Paula I. Hein
Roger and Dot Hemminghaus
Rolf K. Hermanson
Elizabeth Anne Hess
Della Mae Hicks
Jeanne and John Hooss
Donald R. Hormuth
Robbin Gene Huff
John and Joan Hunsicker
Gerald W. Johnson
Jo Johnson
Terrie and Myron Jordahl
Jennifer Jordan
Charles and Paula Kaplan
Ruth Kelling
Angela and Kelly Kensing
Babs and Jeep Kiel
Marie W. Kleckley
Lily and Mark Knaier
Sam Knowles
Eleanor and Earl Koester
Kevin and Elizabeth Kolb
Ed and Evelyn Kruse

Anne M. Kuempel
Weldon L. Kuretsch
Pauline M. Kurtz
Clarence and Lotte Lang
Lorraine and Richard Laut
Sara K. Lawrence
Jon R. Lee
Carline Lehnhoff
Eric M. Lewis
Dawn Lindsey
Nellie Luckenbach
Nancy and Rodney Maeker
Rebecca and Paul Marsh
Chris and Christian Matthy
Berta and Hubert L. Menn Jr.
Suki and Macy Meyer
Faye Minnis
Elizabeth Mohr
Sandra and Jon Moline
Lee and Karen Mueller
Jo Murphy
Andrew Nelson
Carl O. Nelson
Gail Norris
Charles and Rhoda Oestreich
Helen Oestreich
Nathan Oestreich
Lenora E. Ohlenbusch
George and Dorothy Schuette Ohlendorf
Linda A. Oliva
Dan Ortman
Kay and Charles Pederson
Steven and Courtney Peeler
Claudette Pfennig-High
Ralph D. Pfluger
Steve Rode
Wayne Rohne
Evelyn and Clarence Rose
Melvin and Helen Rose
Luther P. Sagebiel
Michael J. Sagebiel
Erline and Allan Sager
John and Joni Sager
Mary and Wilbert Sauermilch
Eric N. Schulze
Geneva Schwartz
Carolyn Self-Sager
Charlotte W. Smith
David B. Stahl
George and Isabel Start
Anna and David Stock
Evelyn Fiedler Streng
Carl and Emely Sundbeck, Jr.
M. Shane Swanson
Barbara Treptow
Marilyn Treptow 
Carolyn S. Turner
LaVerne Turner
Van and Arlyne Van Westen
Michael Veit
Karen R. Vogel
Marie P. Vogel
Deborah and Brian Walenta
Stephen and Elizabeth Wendel
Caroline Weston
Ruby Wiesner
Betty and Tom Wilkens
Daesene Y. Willmann
Stella and Kirby Woehst
Kathryn M. Yandell
Fernando Yarrito
Beth Zies
Samuel D. Zumwalt
Vernon Zunker