Endowed Chairs, Professorships & Scholarships


The Jesse H. Jones Chair in Business Administration. The first endowed chair at Texas Lutheran University was made possible in 1978 by a grant from Houston Endowment Inc. of Houston, the largest private foundation in the state. The chair honors the memory of Jesse H. Jones, a former Houston businessman, publisher and founder of Houston Endowment. A veteran of many years of government service, Mr. Jones at one time headed 39 federal bureaus and agencies. During the years of World War II, he served as chairman of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Federal Loan Administrator, and Secretary of Commerce under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Dr. Frederick C. Elliott Chair in Health, Fitness, and Nutrition. Established in 1978, this chair honors the late Dr. Frederick Elliott, former executive director of the Texas Medical Center. Two major gifts from the M. G. and Lillie A. Johnson Foundation and Mrs. Lillie Johnson of Wharton, funded the chair. The holder of the Elliott Chair directs the university’s Krost Life Enrichment Program. It helps young people establish a pattern of living that will be conducive to good mental, spiritual, and physical health.

The Jo Murphy Chair in Education. The endowed chair in education was established in 1988 through a grant from Houston Endowment Inc. of Houston. The chair honors Mrs. Jo Murphy, vice president and trustee of Houston Endowment, which she has served since 1943. Mrs. Murphy, a long-time friend of Texas Lutheran, has been active in church and civic affairs in Houston.

The Mary Gibbs Jones Chair in Choral Music. Endowed in 1989 by Houston Endowment, the chair honors the memory of Mary Gibbs Jones, wife of the late Jesse H. Jones. Mrs. Jones was an indefatigable advocate of the performing arts in Houston and played a leading role in founding the Houston Symphony Orchestra.

The Lutheran Brotherhood Chair for Religious Life. The chair was established as a result of a major challenge grant made in support of Lutheran Higher Education. The Lutheran Brotherhood Board of Directors issued the challenge in 1990 to endow the campus pastor’s position and to increase the endowment for scholarships. With a generous grant from the Palm Valley Lutheran Church Endowment and numerous contributions from churches, friends, and alumni of TLU, the provisions of the grant were met in 1995.

The Helen I. Weiss Chair in Educational Leadership, established in 2014 through an estate gift from Ms. Helen I. Weiss. Helen dedicated her life to the field of education. She taught at TLU for forty years where she implemented the college’s teacher training program in elementary education and became head of the department. She was honored with many educational and community awards for her dedication and leadership to her field. This chair will promote creativity and leadership in education and Christian values and faith. The holder of this Chair should demonstrate exceptional skills in leadership and creativity and have primary and secondary teaching experience.

The Anita Windecker Chair. In 2000, Carla A. Blumberg, a 1971 graduate of Texas Lutheran University, established this chair to honor Anita Windecker whose professional achievements included 50 years of service as a distinguished member of TLU’s faculty and founder of the Mid-Texas Symphony. This is the first chair funded by a TLU alumna. Responsibilities of the chairholder include leadership in building a strong orchestral program at TLU and the willingness to participate in the rehearsals and performances of the Mid-Texas Symphony.


The Baenziger Professorship in Music. This professorship was established in 1983 by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baenziger of Seguin. Harold and the late Ethel Baenziger have been notable church, business, and civic leaders in the Seguin area for decades.

The Elton Bohmann Professorship in Business Administration in Accounting. When Texas Lutheran alumni who had been students of Professor Bohmann learned of his planned retirement in 1987, they decided to establish this professorship to honor him. In Professor Bohmann’s 30 years on the faculty of Texas Lutheran, he has served as a mentor to more than 1,100 business and accounting graduates.

The Claryce Bohls Professorship in Economics. A bequest in 1993 from the estate of Dr. Sidney Bohls funded this professorship that honors the memory of his wife, Mrs. Claryce M. Bohls. Mrs. Bohls was a medical technologist and instrumental in developing early awareness of public health in South Texas.

The Sidney Bohls Professorship in Biology. An estate gift of Dr. Sidney William Bohls of Austin, Texas, established this professorship in 1993 to give recognition to excellence in the teaching of biology. A prominent pathologist and medical researcher, Dr. Bohls became a leader in both preventive medicine and public health.

The Gembler Fellowship. This fellowship was established in 2005 from the estate of Verner Gembler.

The Hugo and Georgia Gibson Professorship. This professorship was established by former students of Professors Hugo and Georgia Gibson to honor their memory and distinguished careers at Texas Lutheran. The purpose of the professorship is to encourage and support TLU faculty members in their efforts to realize their full academic and spiritual potential and to integrate faith and learning in their professional and personal lives.

The Harold T. Johnson Professorship in Aviation or Pre-Engineering. This professorship was established in 2012 by Harold Johnson to enhance future opportunities of the professors and students at Texas Lutheran University in the pursuit of knowledge and a fulfilling life. In addition to supporting expenses associated with the holder’s professional activities and scholarship, it may also support student research conducted with the professorship holder.

The Leif Johnson Professorship in Business Administration. This professorship was established in 1990 by the late Mr. and Mrs. Leif Johnson of Austin as a major contribution to the Gateway to Century II Campaign. Leif Johnson also served as chair of the Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest, a foundation which provides assistance to Lutheran agencies across the state.

The Kieffer Kinesiology Fellowship. The Kieffer Kinesiology Fellowship was established in 2002 from the estate of George Kieffer. Mr. Kieffer was a long time faculty member at Texas Lutheran.

The Kieffer Science Fellowship. The Kieffer Science Fellowship was established in 2002 from the estate of George Kieffer. Mr. Kieffer was a long time faculty member at Texas Lutheran.

The Adolph L. Krause Professorship in Natural Science. Established in 1986 from a portion of the estate of Adolph Krause, this professorship recognizes the importance of teaching students who are majoring in the natural sciences. Mr. Krause and his wife Lillie resided in Beasley, Texas, where they were active in church and civic affairs.

The Lillie Krause Professorship in Social Science. This professorship was established in 1986 from a portion of the Lillie Krause estate. This professorship recognizes outstanding teaching in the social sciences.

The Pastor Gerhard A. and Marion Poehlmann Professorship in Theology. Through gifts made during his lifetime and through his estate, Pastor Poehlmann, a TLU graduate, established this professorship as a memorial to his wife, Marion Steurmer Poehlmann, and to him in 2000. The couple’s ministry included congregations in San Antonio, Fredericksburg, and Corpus Christi.


Texas Lutheran University has received many gifts to support students. Special scholarship endowments are named in memory or in honor of individuals or organizations when currently $25,000 or more has been given to the permanent endowment of the university. Texas Lutheran University is pleased to honor the individuals listed in the scholarships which are presented below. The university also wishes to thank the scholarship donors – individuals, businesses and organizations. Earnings from these endowments are utilized in funding Pacesetter Scholarships, Academic Excellence Awards, Honor and Annual Scholarships, various fine arts awards, and several other specific scholarships programs.

Endowed Scholarship Donors