Development Board of Directors


Karen Kegg

Brenham/La Grange
Brad Lindemann
Betty Schmidt

Central Texas
Eugene Janke

Corpus Christi
Laurie Cook

Ilene Gohmert

Duluth (MN)
Carla Blumberg

Hill Country
Stephanie Ertel

Rodney Blumberg
James Lindemann
Harold Mathis

San Antonio
Todd Braulick
Frank Burk
Barbara Nellermoe
Belinda Schmidt
Steve Wendel

Seguin/New Braunfels
Paul Quello

Victoria Area
Wilbert Sauermilch

Bylaws of the Texas Lutheran University Development Board of Directors


The Development Board of Directors shall be composed of those who share a common interest in advancing the quality and strength of Christian higher education as set forth in the restated Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Texas Lutheran University. The Development Board of Directors should have among its roster members who are effective advocates and active participants who are individuals of influence, experience, or stature who can and will persuade others to help.

Membership Expectations

  • Ensure the Development Board of Directors fundraising program is aligned with Texas Lutheran’s mission and planning priorities as approved by the Board of Regents.
  • Encourage all Development Board members and other key constituents to participate in fundraising programs (includes personal financial participation).
  • Actively participate in the cultivation and solicitation process for any prospects appropriate for members of the board.
  • Identify prospects, lead prospect-screening efforts with other alumni, board members, or key donors, and monitor prospect solicitation efforts.
  • Active role in stewardship opportunities, when appropriate, including: participation in donor-recognition events and individual stewardship contacts (letters/phone calls/personal visits/hosting events).
  • Regularly attend the Development Board meetings.
  • Give to The Texas Lutheran Fund (annual fund) every fiscal year (June 1 – May 31)

Election of New Members

Prospective names of new members will be submitted to the nominating committee of the Development Board by April 1 of each year. The nominating committee will select the names to come before the Development Board. During the May meeting, the nominating committee will submit their recommendations for new members for board approval.

Term of Members

Board members shall serve a term of three years (June 1 – May 31). Members are able serve two consecutive terms in total. Members are eligible to return to serve on the Development Board after waiting a period of three years upon recommendation from the TLU development staff and the Development Board Executive Committee.

Board Meetings

The Development Board of Directors shall meet twice, once in fall and once in spring. If needed, there will be conference calls and/or special meetings with board members in between scheduled meetings.


There shall be a chair, vice chair, past chair and secretary of the Board. These shall be elected by the Board to serve two year terms. The vice chair that is elected will move to the chair position after the chair’s term has been served. Officers may succeed themselves for two additional terms. The executive committee will have conference calls prior to each board meeting to discuss agenda items. If necessary, other executive committee calls may occur to discuss further development business.

Honorary Life Members

Members who have served with distinction on the Development Board for ten or more years may be recognized as Honorary Life Members. This honor shall be bestowed by the Board of Regents upon recommendation from the Development Board Executive Committee.

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