Interested in theatre, film and new media? You're welcome!
Dramatic Media is storytelling by way of the stage or screen, through the fusion and study of text, performance, design, and technology.
Production Opportunities
Production within dramatic media features an innovative approach that helps students create, produce and deliver content that isn’t limited by traditional models of live stage performance. Productions of established literature are complemented by world premieres of new work. Student-produced plays, independent films and emerging methods of storytelling are valued in the same manner as live, faculty-produced material. As a result, students of TLU dramatic media have extensive opportunities to receive hands-on experience in production, beginning in their first year.

Check out the Productions page for this year's production schedule!

TheatreXpress is a dynamic initiative of TLU Dramatic Media dedicated to the creation and production of dramatic media opportunities which highlight original material, multimedia, touring, and outreach.  An official student organization, TheatreXpress fuses the classic model of the traveling troupe with modern technology, and brings the excitement of TLU Dramatic Media to audiences who request content.

TLU Dramatic Media Scholars and other students at TLU participate as the company ensemble for TheatreXpress. The programming of TheatreXpress complements the faculty-produced shows, and provides a constant flow of production opportunities for the ambitious and entrepreneurial theatre student. In other words, TLU Dramatic Media students never lack for gigs!

If you're a student, TheatreXpress provides the perfect opportunity to further develop your passions for theatre and dramatic media. If you're an audience member please consider this exciting ensemble as entertainment for your next event! TheatreXpress is ready to take flight at venues such as community centers, schools, churches or the nearest local park; and can negotiate to provide a wide variety of subject matter, length, and performance formats. For additional information call Professor David Legore at 830-372-6021 or send mail to

Special Opportunities
  • Travel, Field Trips, and Internships
  • TheatreXpress
  • Alpha Psi Omega

Professional Opportunities
Students majoring in dramatic media are prepared to continue their work in many areas, including:
  • Graduate school
  • Teaching
  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Designing
  • Technology Applications