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William Squires
Krost Science

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Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation, Texas A&M University and Baylor College of Medicine (cooperative program with the Center for Allied Health Professions and the Department of Medicine), 1979

M.A. in Education, Southwest Texas State University, 1976

B.S. in Education,Southwest Texas State University, 1972

St. John Vianney Seminary, 1968.

Professional Experience

  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Physiology, University of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth, Texas, 1989-Present
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, 1984-Present.
  • Chair, W. Joe and Lela Budwine Committee, 1999-Current. Awarding Budwine Foundation student scholarships to TLU students pursuing medical and allied health related careers.
  • ACSM Program Director/Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist, American College of Sports Medicine.
  • Assistant Instructor, NAUI Worldwide.

Professional Memberships

  • Aerospace Physiological Society, 1985-Present
  • Fellow, The American College of Sports Medicine, 1985-Present
  • The American Physiological Society, 1982-Present
  • Aerospace Medical Association, 1980-Present


& Recognitions

  • Frederick C. Elliott Endowed Chair in Health, Fitness and Nutrition, 1984-Present.
  • Texas Health Champion Award, Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living, The University of Texas School of Public Health Austin Regional Campus, and Live Smart Texas as a part of the 6th Annual Texas Obesity Awareness Week, 2013.
  • Seguin I.S.D. Service Award, 2013.

Community Involvement

  • Chair, School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC), Seguin I.S.D.
  • Voluntary Advisor with the Texas High School Coaches Association, the Professional Development Cooperative (PDC).


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