Jerry Carr


Department of Physics

Asst. Professor


Jerry Carr, Jr.
Krost Science

Phone: 830-372-6038



Ph.D. in Plasma Physics, West Virginia University

M.S. in Physics, West Virginia University

B.S. in Physics, Georgia Tech

Specializations: Plasma physics


Dr. Jerry Carr, Jr.’s Ph.D. research involved working with Helicon plasmas, exploring double layers and ion heating using laser induced fluorescence as his primary diagnostic tool. The science behind this research can be used to provide applications for space propulsion and materials processing industries.

Dr. Carr has worked as a teacher, tutor and program coordinator in the Boston area and in Atlanta. He has interned at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as an operator and researcher for the Spallation Neutron Source. Here he helped create sources needed for baseline and power upgrade operations. Dr. Carr also is devoted to community development through education, mentoring and project management. He has helped communities in various ways since the age of fourteen.