A degree can help you get a great job upon graduation, but you can really maximize opportunities by employing effective career planning. Use the following guide to make the most of your college experience.

Career Planning, the Four-Year Model

Freshman Year — Discover and Explore — Become Familiar

Sophomore Year — Research and Focus — Exploring Career Options

Junior Year — Experience and Experiment — Skill Building and Goal Setting

Senior Year — Choose and Implement — University to Work Transition
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Job Search & Preparation Resources
A student's one-stop shop for career advice, on-campus career development events and information sessions, and a plethora of resources and links to jump-start your job search. Students can even contact the career development office to have a résumé reviewed and optimized for your personal and professional goals.

Students and alumni use Jobs4Bulldogs to connect with fellow bulldogs in the workforce. Here, you can post your résumé, search for jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities. Recruiters also use Jobs4Bulldogs to post jobs, internships or volunteer opportunities. Employers, graduate schools and nonprofits can request on-campus recruiting sessions and students can schedule on-campus interviews with prospective employers.

TLU students can create personal accounts to search job postings and internship listings in some of the most exciting cities abroad. Students get country-specific advice and insider tips to navigate the job search at home and abroad.

Students and alumni can sign up for a TLU account where they can practice interviewing skills, a personal elevator speech or pitch and get reviewed by career development staff. TLU professors use this tool to customize interviews for their specific field to help prepare graduates for their first job interviews. 

Students can vet a company's description against real reviews by employees on the inside. In addition to reviews, Glassdoor.com gives access to possible interview questions and salaries employers wouldn't disclose in a job description. Students can get a feel for a company's culture before even applying to see if it's the right fit for them.

Database of major master’s programs from accredited colleges in the U.S. that offer both full or partial online course options and a listing of the scholarships available.
Visit MY.TLU.EDU to learn more about career assessment, our policies, events and job fairs, job search assistance, and sample resumes and cover letters.
Post a résumé, Look for a job, internship or volunteer opportunity, Request an on-campus interview.
Post a Job, Internship or Volunteer Opportunity

Become a Career Mentor

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Employers, Graduate Schools, Non-Profits
Recruiting at TLU is easy! We have students who wish to fill your part-time, summer, internship (paid/unpaid) and permanent positions.

Jobs4Bulldogs allows students to search positions and post resumes at their convenience. Post your job, internship or volunteer opportunity or request on-campus recruiting.